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A D V E R T O R I A L I t can if it's the remarkable new K5 security robot from Knightscope. Knightscope was founded in response to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elemen- tary School Shooting and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. And the company's robots have the capabilities to enhance the security of school and offi ce campuses. The Knightscope K5 is weatherproof, so it's built for both indoor and outdoor operations. Features include: 360-degree high-defi nition cameras with low-light/no-light capabilities, up to thirty days of data storage, visual and audible alarms, people detection, license plate recognition, and signal detection. Also, staff or students can use a single button on the K5 to call the school's security team. The security team will then be able to see exactly what is happening at that location by monitoring streaming video from the robot. But how can a robot make a school safer without having the ability to automatically call the police or stop a threat in progress? The robot is both a deterrent and a distraction. The bad guys know that the robot is recording what they are doing and providing security, school resource offi cers, and CAN A ROBOT MAKE YOUR SCHOOL SAFER? administrators with actionable intelligence. Also, the K5 itself has a look that bolsters your school's security presence and can even be branded accordingly. The robot can even let you know when people have gained access to your campus in a restricted area or at the wrong time of day. And as revealed by the tragedy at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, keeping the wrong peo- ple out of your school can prevent crime and even save lives. Knightscope's K5 can inform security personnel that an unwanted person is on the property in two ways. It can send video of the person to security personnel. It can also monitor parking lots for blacklisted license plates using its built-in automatic license plate recognition system (ALPR). If an unwanted car is on the property, the robot will send an alert. Customers who have deployed Knight- scope robots say the systems have en- hanced the security of their facilities while saving them money. The robots work 24/7 and reduce the number of personnel customers need to protect their buildings and grounds. For more information on Knightscope robots and how they can help make your schools safer, please visit www.knightscope.com freeinfo.policemag.com/796162

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