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44 POLICE SEPTEMBER 2017 E very officer is more confident, more experienced, and better trained when using his or her preferred control tactics. It's good to have your "go to" moves. But it's even bet- ter to have two tactics that work well together and that you can easily apply to defeat the type of resistance the arrestee offers. But if you don't have or can't use your favorite moves, or if your favorite moves are not applicable to the situation you face, consider the tactics described and recommended here. TAKEDOWNS e straight arm takedown and the bent arm takedown work well together. Using these techniques, you can make a decision to take the arrestee down forward or backward based on his type of resistance. is tactic begins with the officer grabbing the arrestee in a straight arm position. For example, if you want to grab the arrestee's right arm, grab his right wrist first. Always grab the wrist first, and then use the opposite arm to grab the ar- restee's arm. is will offer you much more control of the ar- restee. From this position, you can initiate either a straight arm takedown, if the arrestee's arm remains straight, or a bent arm takedown, if the arrestee pulls away, bending his or her arm. Straight Arm Takedown—If the arrestee's arm remains extended, you can easily initiate a straight arm takedown. e proper execution of a straight arm takedown depends on some important steps that you need to remember. Control the arrestee's wrist with your outside hand, and control the arm at or just above the elbow with your inside hand. Remain close to the arrestee, with your inside foot close to the arrestee. Keep the arrestee's arm close to your body. Staying close will enable you to use leverage for the takedown, not strength alone. Four things happen simultaneously when executing a proper takedown: (1) e officer, while remaining close to the arrestee, piv- ots behind the arrestee (putting the arrestee off-balance) (2) e officer pulls on the wrist, keeping the arrestee's arm near his or her body CONTROL TACTICS AND COUNTER-TACTICS It's important that you know how to defeat an arrestee's response to your control techniques. The Winning Edge MICHAEL SCHLOSSER, PHD AND DALLAS SCHLOSSER, M.A. If the arm remains extended try a straight-arm takedown. Consider a bent-arm takedown if the arrestee pulls away. PHOTOS: ADALYN SCHLOSSER

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