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30 POLICE SEPTEMBER 2017 or advanced versions of some you already possess. Here are a few you need to address now. Listening as a supervisor is far more critical now. You are directly overseeing the careers, production, and lives of many. Listen to them and their needs. What may be a little problem for them today could turn into your big problem the next day. Listen, be available, and more so be there for your officers. Your confi- dentiality with them on personal issues is critical. Having good communication skills is also far more important for a supervisor. As soon as you take on that role you become a spokesman for your chief or sheriff with every general order or memo. Do not "muddy" their messages. Now your orders and di- rections must be clear, concise, and legal. You are now the chief's extension of this order. Including humor or criticism demeans the order, the chief, and your stance as a leader. And when you interact with the public you must be the constant communicator, one who speaks with authority and is understood by all. is is important to keep in mind because public speaking will now be a daily occurrence. You perform roll call, attend crime meetings, and now have two new demands. One is interacting with the media. As a supervisor you will be the one they seek out on the scene. Do you know your media policy? Your second new demand is public meetings. As a supervisor you will undoubt- edly be expected to attend community meetings, and you will T H E B E S T J U S T G O T B R I G H T E R H I G H E R L U M E N S . H I G H E R P E R F O R M A N C E . S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 # l e a d t h e w a y s u r e f i r e . c o m / l e a d t h e w a y probably have to speak at them. Are you comfortable with these new areas of expertise? If not, seek out a public information offi- cer course, which will include help with public speaking. Or find other similar courses that will help you develop this new skillset. ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS As a supervisor you'll be required to take on additional admin- istrative tasks. Journaling is a forgotten art and with the wide- spread use of electronic tablets and smartphones it seems nearly extinct. You will need to keep notes for staff or crime meetings, performance notes for personnel evaluations, and other orga- FIRST-TIME SUPERVISOR You may be expected to speak to the media once you become a supervisor. And you'll definitely be doing more public speaking. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES freeinfo.policemag.com/766649

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