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24 POLICE SEPTEMBER 2017 A re you aspiring to be a supervisor or currently in your first-time supervisor position? Many may question why you want to be a super- visor, but you must answer this for yourself. Is it because you are seeking more money, more chal- lenges, career advancement, or "inside work with no heav y lifting," as Bob Dole once famously de- scribed the role of vice president? It doesn't really matter what your motivation or current station in life are; it is my job to help you successfully plan. An entry-level supervisory position is important in that it can set the stage for your career. SEEK TRAINING BEFOREHAND Traditionally, law enforcement has created its own failing point, which is lack of supervisory prepara- tion. In most agencies, the training of an entry-level supervisor comes after their promotion. You are flying by the seat of your pants for months, if not years. Finally, the coveted supervisor training class opens, and then you find out what it is all about. is lack of succession planning is a major issue that has daily, if not hourly, effects on a department. A novel idea would be to offer this training to those about to take the promotion test. Results would be immediate with a knowledgeable candidate pool, quicker start-up, and then not having to "undo" poor decisions made due to a lack of proper training. Granted, there may be some who after this view into the liability infused and pressurized environment of supervision may pass on it. e bottom line is, when potential supervisors receive training at the outset, everybody wins. Even if some candidates do not get promoted at that time, they will possess deeper in- sights about the bigger picture. I will be the first to admit that promotions are not fair and that people often get promoted because of a PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES HOW TO SUCCEED AS A FIRST-TIME SUPERVISOR PREPARE FOR A LEADERSHIP ROLE BY ACQUIRING THE SKILLS AND TRAINING YOU'LL NEED. WILLIAM L. "BILL" HARVEY

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