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PoliceMag.com 9 RPC (Rifle Plate Carrier) Ready Vest (Rifle Plate and Soft Armor Carrier) MSTV (Rifle Plate and Soft Armor Carrier) Anti-Rifle Plates (Model 3610, Stops "Green Tip" Rifle Ammo) The robust carry bag is perfect for storing the equipment in vehicle trunks. You Know the If… You Just Don't Know the When. Rapid Deployment Rifle Protection For Patrol Delivering Performance, Quality, Innovation and Value since 1986 Our "throw-over" Anti-Rifle Plate Carriers offer a wide range of sizing adjustability for multiple users. Very "user-friendly" when having to put it on in a hurry. The M.O.L.L.E. pouch attachment system allows for the attachment of additional rifle magazines, medical kits, radios and any additional equipment as needed. Exceptionally lightweight and a true "multiple-hit" plate (Level III+). Not susceptible to easy breakage like heavier ceramic rifle plates. OFFICE: 562-207-4240 E-MAIL: customerservice@usarmor.com WEB: www.usarmor.com Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/US_Armor Become a U.S. Armor fan on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/usarmoryoullwearit freeinfo.policemag.com/ 770611 Icom F7010/F7510 P25 RADIOS Icom's new F7010/F7510 series is part of the company's entire line of P25 radios it's building. Built specifically for public safety and service organizations, the F7010/F7510 series features a rugged design, with an IP68 waterproof rat- ing and built to MIL-STD-810G standard. The high-visibility color display is made to provide easy viewing in any lighting conditions, and active noise canceling reduces background noise. Other features include increased chan- nel capacity up to 1,024 and ID lists up to 1,000, security features, and standard Icom features such as AquaQuake, Bluetooth, and GPS. w w w.icomamerica.com Pelican 9455 RALS Pelican Products has an- nounced the launch of the new safety certified Pelican 9455 remote area lighting system (RALS), attaining the first Class I, Division 1 / IECEx ia / Zone 0 certification. The 9455 has three lighting modes: high, low, and flashing. It will provide up to 10 hours of light on low output setting, and five hours on the high output mode, according to the company. Built for performance and durability, this dynamic light source is ideal for use by law enforcement. Peli- can's new 9455 RALS is backed by the company's one-year guarantee. w w w.pelican.com/9 455 SureFire CLOSED TINE WARCOMP AND FLASH HIDER SureFire's new WarComp-556-CTN is a closed tine flash hider that is neutrally ported to aid in recoil management. The SFCT-556-1/2-28 is a closed tine flash hider that is similar to the design of a tradi- tional birdcage flash hider. Both SureFire closed tine adapters have wrench flats for ease of instal- lation, and to serve as rock-solid, precision mounting platforms for SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach Suppressors. Just like the other SOCOM muzzle devices, these adapters are precision machined from heat-treated stainless steel which is highly resistant to gas and particle erosion. w w w.surefire.com

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