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42 POLICE JULY 2017 Remember, if you're wear- ing a duty belt, the suspect could grab it to throw you down. Pockets— From the front, quickly reach out and grab the suspect's shirt pocket, stepping back as you yank him forward and downward. Grab his nearest wrist and bring it up behind him. en order him to bring his other arm behind him. A different variation is that you could use his pants pocket, if it's visible. Quick- ly reach forward to grab both his pants pocket and his collar, yank- ing him downward. In this position, you may end up pin- ning his arm against his side. Just order him to get his arms behind him. Baseball Caps— Quickly step toward his side, grab the bill of his hat and his wrist as you yank the bill downward. is will lean him far forward and enable you to get behind him to handcuff him. Backpacks— Step forward to one side of the suspect and grab the large strap of his backpack. is will give you great leverage as you step backward and yank him downward. As he goes down, grab his nearest wrist and bring it up be- hind him and then order him to put his other hand behind him for handcuffing. As you are handcuffing the suspect you'll have to decide when to remove the backpack. It might be after you finish handcuffing him. From the rear, order him to put his hand on his hand, then grab his backpack and use it to pull him down to the ground. He will be in the seated position, so then SAVE ALMOST 30% ON A ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO POLICE MAGAZINE! RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfi ed with POLICE magazine, we'll send you a full refund for all undelivered issues. WANT AN EVEN BETTER DEAL? Group Subscription Available. If you have multiple personnel who want their own copy, save money by signing up for our group subscription rate. Go to Policemag.com/group to fi nd out how. Sign up now to get Police Magazine delivered each month. Go to www.policemag.com/discount Get 12 issues a year for only $18, a 28% savings! $33 Canada, $53 outside US or Canada AM05-0589.16 roll him over onto his belly to handcuff him. Watchbands— If the sus- pect is wearing a watch and he turns to get away, grab his watchband and grab the back of his elbow with your other hand, then bring his arm up behind him. en order him to bring his other arm back for cuffing. HINGE POINTS If the suspect is already handcuffed and seated, but then he suddenly stands up and won't sit back down, use his hinge points to quickly make him sit. From the front, blast an open palm into one of his shoulders a split second before doing it to his other shoulder. (is unhinges his balance using his shoulders.) He will sit right back down. A variation of this is to use your open palm into his shoulder and his opposite hip. (diagonally across) From the rear, grab and yank one shoulder backward slightly before doing the same to his other shoulder. Caution: Don't grab the suspect by the handcuffs to control him. He could twist his arms and pinch you or lock up your arms. Greg McNamee is a narcotics investigator in Southern California with 22 years on the force. Al Abidin has 35 years of self-defense ex- perience; teaching, speaking, and writing for the law enforcement community. He has produced self-defense training DVDs, which are available at www.AlAbidin.org . The Winning Edge Backpack Watchband

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