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40 POLICE JULY 2017 USING CLOTH HANDLES Sleeves— Step to one side of the suspect as you grab his sleeve near his wrist, and grab near the back of his elbow. en explosively turn your body as you yank him downward. (You could put one of your hands on top of his head to keep him down.) en order him to put his hands behind him, palms together like he's praying. en handcuff him. (Carry at least two pairs of handcuffs. Put one on before removing one that's too tight.) If he has a short sleeve shirt, grab the end of his sleeve and his collar to yank him downward to handcuff him. Handcuff him while he's leaning over or bring him up against a wall or vehicle as a controlling agent. e ground is OK, but it can be hard for you to get back up and you could get kicked or stomped if other bad guys arrive. Don't put your foot in between the sus- pect's feet. He can drop and twist his legs against one of your legs to lock you up and take you down. Once you begin moving a suspect into a position to handcuff him, keep him moving so he's off balance, even if you must change the direction you're moving him. e The Winning Edge idea is that he's continually trying to catch up to you, but he can't if you quickly get him into handcuffs. Collars— Step to the side of the sus- pect as you grab his collar and wrist (two points of contact for better leverage and so he can't slip out of his shirt or jacket) and yank him downward. en bring his wrist up behind him and command him to put his other hand behind him to put hand- Belt Collar Pockets Baseball Cap cuffs on him. In some cases, for example if he's tall, you may want him to go to his knees. To achieve this stomp your foot on the back of his knee. en cuff him. Another way to use the col- lar is to reach from the front and grab the back of his collar and pull him downward to handcuff him. Belts— Have the suspect turn around and put his hands on his head. en step forward and grab his belt or waistline and the back of his collar. Press him into a wall or vehicle then order him to put his hands behind him to cuff him. If there's no wall or vehicle, push for- ward on his waistline at the same time you yank downward on the back of his collar to make him go to his knees to be handcuffed. (If you step on the back of one of his knees, it will make it easier for him to go down to his knees.) While he's on his knees there are two things you can do for more control. Have him cross his feet and/or step on the bot- tom of one of his shoes. is will help you pin him to the ground and greatly limit his movement. You'll also have a better sense if the suspect is trying to move.

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