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PoliceMag.com 21 H VENTURE BALLISTIC COMPOSITES INC. H ROBO BALLISTIC SHIELD Venture Ballistic Composites' Robo Ballistic Shield is offered in both Level 3 and 3A and tested to NIJ Standard 0108.01. e shield dimensions are 20x36 inches with a 4x10- inch view port and a weight of 32 pounds. e shield's proprietary shape allows the user to operate a hand- gun using recessed arm cuffs for faster, more accu- rate view port acquisition. e shield is waterproof, comes with a seven-year warranty, and works well for patrol and school police, as well as SWAT. ht tp://venture-ballistics.com H BULLETSAFE H RIOTREADY RIOT GEAR BUNDLE e team behind BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests has just launched RiotReady Riot Gear, designed to provide great val- ue. e RiotReady bundle includes a RiotReady Riot Shield, RiotReady Riot Helmet, and RiotReady Pad Set (shoulder, leg, and arm pads). Purchas- ing these items as a bundle saves money when compared to buying the items individu- ally. RiotReady Riot Gear does not include a chest or back protector because it is meant to be worn with a BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest or other bulletproof vest. e combined set of RiotReady Riot Gear weighs 16.2 pounds. ht tps://bulletsafe.com/collections/riotready-riot-gear H DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY H 40MM PYROTECHNIC CHEMICAL MUNITIONS Defense Technology 40mm Pyrotech- nic Chemical Munitions are designed for crowd direction and control, marking, and obscuration. ey deliver a pyrotechnic smoke or irritant payload downrange to specified distances: 100, 200, or 300 me- ters. e spin-stabilized projectile and smokeless propulsion system produce extremely consistent velocities and range to the target, and are designed to travel to their respective distances when the launcher is held at a 30-degree elevation angle. Available in OC, CS, or Saf-Smoke payloads. w w w.safariland.com/our-brands/defense-technology H MONADNOCK H SX24/36 EXPANDABLE RIOT BATON Monadnock's SX24/36 Expandable Riot Baton is a positive lock expandable straight baton that uses a push-button mechanism to keep it open and easy to use. e baton locks in the handle and may be locked in the extended open po- sition with the push of a button. e frame is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum with a black polycarbonate shaft to make it imper vious to rust. It features a k nurled grip and 1 1/4-inch diameter. Length is 24 inches closed and expands to 36 inches in the open position; it can be used as a straight baton closed and a riot baton in the open position. w w w.safariland.com/our-brands/more... /monadnock / H POINT BLANK ENTERPRISES H ADVANCED RIOT CONTROL HELMET Point Blank Enterprises' Advanced Riot Control Helmet (ARCH) is designed to provide out- standing protection and extreme comfort. It features an optically clear, UV-resistant, polycarbonate face shield with a spill-proof rub- ber seal. e ARCH is made to pro- vide exceptional high-level impact protection with excellent optical properties. It meets or exceeds NIJ Standard for Blunt Trauma for Riot Helmets NIJ STD0104.02. Accessories include face shields in standard, grid, or gas mask versions. w w w.pointblankenterprises.com H SABRE RED H MK-60 e Sabre Red 1.33% MC, 56-ounce MK-60 High Volume Streamer and MK-60 Refill deploys 30 full one-second bursts at a range of 30 to 35 feet. e MK-60 aerosol crowd manage- ment projector is designed to be fast, safe, and easy to refill and use. With its external port, the MK-60 can be quickly filled online or on the way to a disturbance. It has a five-year shelf life and heat specifications are ensured via an in-house High Performance Liquid Chromatography Laboratory. w w w.sabrered.com

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