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NEW LIFESAVING PRODUCT for Law Enforcement! BALLISTIC FLOOR MATS POLICE l FIRE l EMS ATTACK MATS LLC P.O. Box 130 Walford, IA 52351 1-800-507-2958 I www.attackmats.com • sold driver side only or in pairs (driver & passenger) • sold only to government agencies • weighs under 7 lbs. • vehicle specific (call for availability) For more information email keith@attackmats.com B A L L I S T IC PR O T E C T IO N | SP E C I A L R E P O RT | 15 David Griffith NIJ Expected to Create New Terminology for Soft Armor Performance P eriodically, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) revises its standards for the testing and certification of ballistic protection gear. e current standard is 0101.06. at 06 has nothing to do with the date of adoption; the standard was adopted in 2008 as a replacement for the 05 standard. Last year the NIJ released a dra of its proposed 0101.07 standard for public and industry comment. e new standard was expected to take effect in the fourth quarter of 2018, but the NIJ received an overwhelming number of comments and that delayed the process. Now the target is end of 2019. When the new standard is published, it will change the way officers and armor makers talk about the performance of ar- mor. One of the most difficult things to explain about the certi- fication of armor is the NIJ protection level rankings, which are currently expressed in Roman numerals and the letter "A." So body armor is rated IIA (least protective) to II to IIIA (most protective). is system does not clearly delineate that so armor is only certified to protect the wearer from handgun rounds. If the proposed 07 standard passes, the terminology used to discuss the protective level of so armor worn by law enforce- ment will be much simpler and easier to understand. ere will now be two levels: Handgun 1 (HG1) and Handgun 2 (HG2). HG1 is the equivalent of the current Level II protection and HG2 is the equivalent of Level IIIA with a slight change in the threats used to test the armor. Level IIIA vests are currently tested with the .44 Magnum and the .357 SIG; HG2 armor will be tested with the .44 Magnum and a 9mm FMJ with a velocity of 1,470 feet per second. ere will be no equivalent to Level IIA armor. n

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