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36 P O L I C E AU G U S T 2 019 P ulling over a motorist to write a citation for a traffic infraction is some- thing most patrol officers and deputies have done in their careers. And the one thing these so-called "routine traffic stops" have in common is they can be time consuming. Even in the most standard circumstances, this pro- cess can take as much as 10 minutes. During that 10 minutes officers are on the roadside and exposed to serious danger. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, four officers in 2019 have been struck by vehicles and killed while conducting traffic stops. ere are no available statistics for the number of officers injured in these operations. Part of the reason traffic stops take so much time and expose officers to so much danger is the cumbersome processes officers go through to record ci- tation information. is is especially true when officers use paper-based pro- cesses or automated systems that are not intuitive enough to meet the needs of the user and that require data to be re-entered repeatedly. Tyler Technologies' Brazos eCitation solutions can reduce the time officers spend on the roadside and automate processes, making officers both safer and more efficient. THE PROBLEM A typical traffic stop—meaning one where there is just one violation and the driver is not wanted—takes ap- proximately 8 to 10 minutes from the moment the officer initiates the stop to the moment he or she gets back into the patrol car and drives away. is time increases exponentially in the event of a motorist having an active warrant or if the officer issues multiple citations for additional infractions. Regardless of whether an officer is using paper-based processes or an au- tomated ticketing solution, collecting data begins from the moment the stop is initiated. Officers using paper-based PHOTO: T YLER TECHNOLOGIES REDUCE TICKET WRITING TIME MY TECHNOLOGY CAN... TYLER TECHNOLOGIES' BRAZOS ECITATION SOLUTION CAN SPEED UP TRAFFIC STOPS, MAKING OFFICERS SAFER AND MORE EFFICIENT. H DANA RASMUSSEN WHAT DOES MY TECH DO? Tyler Technologies' Brazos eCitation solu- tion is both an officer safety tool and an officer efficiency tool. Because the system makes the citation pro- cess quicker, it reduces the amount of time the officer is vulnerable to traffic on the side of the road.

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