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24 POLICE AUGUST 2019 must believe in their importance too, because nearly half of officers who carry them said their departments covered all or part of the cost of their medical kits. Many officers said they liked the convenience of having everything in one place for medical emer- gencies and the ability to customize the kit for their needs. ey also appreciated the fact that they could use the supplies inside to treat themselves as well as citizens on a call. When asked what they would like to see improved in medical kits, lower price was a very popular answer. GLOVES Hand protection is something officers also take seri- ously, based on responses. A whopping 97% of survey respondents carry gloves for work. And 85% carry them in their go bag. Most own two or three pair, which makes sense considering the various reasons they may be used. ree-quarters of those who carry gloves with them on duty always have patrol gloves on hand. More than half carry nitrile gloves and just under half carry utility gloves. A good number of offi- cers said they use gloves to keep their hands warm in cold weather. One officer owns "cool, cold, and really cold weather gloves." Of course, officers' needs vary based on their as- signments. ese include cycling gloves for bicycle officers, and gloves for K-9 handlers and mounted of- ficers that "have a rubber palm for better gripping of the leash/reins," one officer says. Respondents said they also use gloves for rappelling, searching, extri- cation, and fire resistance. Almost half of respondents (47%) said their most expensive pair of gloves cost between $25 and $50. HEADWEAR When it comes to covering their heads, it's pretty much a 50/50 split on whether officers carry hats in their go bags or not. For those who do keep at least one hat in their bag, the top choice is a ball cap. To keep their heads warm in colder climes, 68% said they carry a knit winter hat. With the modern trend away from requiring traditional hats as part of an officer's uniform, it's unsurprising that less than a quarter said they carry a uniform cap in their go bag. Only 31% of respondents carry a helmet in their go bag. Some said they would if their helmet would fit in the bag. Others simply use a different bag to keep their helmet with them. Of course, not every officer uses a helmet on duty. Of the officers who carry helmets, 64% tote SWAT/ tactical helmets. e next most common answer was a riot control helmet at 36%. Most responding officers' agencies covered the cost of their helmets, at 77% covering all and 5% covering some of the cost. is might be why almost half of those responding about helmets didn't know how much theirs had cost. Still, when asked what about helmets could be improved, officers suggest- ed lower cost in addition to better fit and lighter weight options. Do you carry a medical kit in your bag? Do you carry a helmet in your go bag? What type(s) of helmet do you own? (Check all that apply.) Do you carry a hat in your go bag? What types of hat do you carry in your go bag? (Check all that apply.) Do you own gloves for work? How many pairs of gloves do you own for work? What types of gloves do you have for work? (Check all that apply.) Do you carry gloves in your go bag? Yes 78% Yes 95 Yes 84% No 69% No 69% NO 22% NO 5% NO 16% Yes 31% Yes 31% 1 2 3 4 5 or more I don't own gloves for work 20% 32% 26% 8% 13% 1% Motorcycle 8% Nitrile 58% Patrol 76% Shooting 21% Utility 45% Not Applicable 1% Other 19% Motorcycle Patrol Riot Control SWAT/ Tactical Other 8% 64% 84% 67% 23% 1% 36% 13% 7% Baseball- type cap Knit winter hat Police uniform cap Not applicable Exclusive POLICE Survey: Bags and Gear

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