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POLICEMAG.COM 21 include SWAT operations that require stealth and game wardens searching for poachers. In addition to driving with NVG, officers often use night vision tools for surveillance from vehicles. Although it cannot be used to operate the vehicle in the dark, thermal imaging is com- monly used in vehicles during a wide variety of public safety operations, including search and rescue and evidence search (residual heat from a person's hand can be seen on the dis- carded object). Mike Martin, president of MSM Public Safety, says thermal imaging can also be an excellent officer safety tool. MSM Public Safety (info@nopt- icthermalcamera.com) is the largest U.S. distributor of the Noptic thermal surveillance system. e Noptic system mounts onto a patrol vehicle spotlight and can alert officers to potential threats hidden in the night. Martin says the system ships with a spotlight head so that it can easily be installed on a vehicle spotlight platform for full pan and tilt operation. It also comes with a USB cable and software so that the patrol vehicle's computer can be used for viewing the images it captures. Noptic can be used while the vehicle is stationary or while traveling at slow enough speed so the officer can glance at the computer screen. "at way you can sweep an area looking for a suspect," Martin says. Optimal range for Noptic is 500 yards. But Martin says he has picked up faint signatures at half a mile. "If you can see it during the day, you can see it at night with Noptic," he says. Because it is a thermal imager, Noptic can see threats or sus- pects hiding in greenery such as shrubs or even woods. "e tactical advantage of Noptic is it gives law enforcement profes- sionals the ability to see heat signatures in the dark. You may not know if it's a threat, but you know someone is out there," he says. Martin adds: "Noptic is such a powerful officer safety tool that many of my clients tell me they don't want to work in a pa- trol car that doesn't have one." PHOTO: MSM PUBLIC SAFET Y Image shows the threat-detecting capabilities of the Noptic vs. a visible spotlight. The Noptic sees two persons; the spotlight lights up the night but does not detect the people.

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