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P O L I C E M AG .C O M 17 Meet the Revo NC2 family of noise cancelling speaker mics. The Revo NC2 line features unprecedented noise cancelling capabilities and optimum voice reception. The revolutionary design combined with legendary OTTO ruggedness creates a new standard of performance in speaker mics. Revo NC2 Revo NC2 for PoC Bluetooth Revo NC2 www.otto-comm.com | 888.234.6886 ing durometer hardness. SWAT officers might elect to go with softer, "grippier" compounds, while patrol officers might go for the slightly harder option. Almost all manufacturers now have soles that are mark resistant, which is good since citizens don't much like big black streaks on their expensive kitchen tile. Just to make sure, while you're ask- ing about slip resistance, make sure to also inquire about whether your boots will leave skids all over the place. CLOSURES AND HARDWARE So-called "speed laces" aren't usually especially speedy. Zippers are fast, but if they fail, you might have only one option—toss the boots in the trash and head to the store. If you choose traditional laces, al- ways have a set of spare laces in your go bag, and maybe another set in your locker. Buy the replacements when you buy the boots so you'll be prepared. Bellows tongues must have pre- scored folds, or they are borderline use- less. Nowadays, plastic—or other nonme- tallic—hardware with impregnated col- or is preferred for the eyelets. DOUBLE UP When you find your "Goldilocks"—the patrol boot that's "just right" for you— purchase more than one pair. At min- imum, buy two pair so you can alter- nate them from one day to the next. e boots you wore on yesterday's tour will have a full day to fully dry out, adding to the longevity of the boot. Yes, it's expensive, but if you can af- ford it, in the long run you'll have to replace your boots much farther down the road than if you get just one pair and run them into the ground day in and day out. YOUR HEALTH Deciding on your duty boot can be an arduous process, at times with some measure of "trial and error" involved. However, that investment in time and money can help you prevent suffering from spinal problems, knee problems, foot problems, or other medical mala- dies—both on duty and well into your retirement. Last word on health-related mat- ters—if you have a pre-existing con- dition of any kind related to any of the abovementioned medical issues, you may want to consult with a podiatrist before even setting out for the retail store to shop for new duty boots. ey may be able to help guide you toward the best boot to help relieve you of any existing pain. Doug Wyllie is contributing web editor for POLICE.

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