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38 P O L I C E J U LY 2 019 S pectrum Technologies Orion Night Vision Display Screen Filters coupled with our bat- tle-tested Orion Optical Eyewear Filters allow law enforcement officers, other first responders, and warfighters to develop and maintain natural dark adaption during rapidly changing light conditions. ese products are patented for their ability to im- prove human vision under extreme light condi- tions—day and night. Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Spec- trum Technologies International Ltd. (www.spec- trumfilters.com) is an established optical company that developed, manufactured, and delivered the original Rapid Dark Adapting Vision Technologies for U.S. Special Operation Command and law en- forcement. THE PROBLEM Healthy eyes require approximately 10 to 30 min- utes to achieve full dark adaption. From a law en- forcement perspective, "night vision blindness" is generally defined as the inability of an officer to quickly see outside the squad car when it's dark and especially during rap- idly changing light conditions. In medical terms, night blindness (nyctalo- pia) is also the inability see into poorly lighted environments or develop/ retain dark adaption. is type of night blindness is not a disease and is a normal human visual response, but even so it may present dangerous chal- lenges for officers. Common causes of night blindness include viewing an unfiltered com- puter screen or any electronic display, or being exposed to any type of white light. ese real-world causes may become life-threatening for law enforce- ment officers who have to read their in-car computer displays at night and then leave their cars and go into action. THE SOLUTION Spectrum Technologies offers two immediate solutions that deliver rapid dark adapting solutions: the new Orion Over-the-Screen Filters and the bat- tle-tested Orion Optical Eyewear Filters. e Orion Optical Eyewear Filters have been used successfully by warfighters under the most challenging of conditions. ese solutions have also been prov- en to be effective in law enforcement operations. Officers who view an Orion filtered screen or use the Orion Eye- wear Filters can quickly look outside of a squad car into dimly lit environments with acquired dark adaption that is also retained. Because of their similar optical prop- erties, Orion eyewear and Orion screen filters can be used interchangeably during quickly changing light condi- tions. And because they deliver great- ly enhanced vision capabilities, Orion eyewear is designated as Optical Eye- wear Filters. e eyewear even comes PHOTO: SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGIES HELP PRESERVE YOUR NIGHT VISION MY TECHNOLOGY CAN... BY USING SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGIES ORION DISPLAY FILTERS AND EYEWEAR, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS WORKING AT NIGHT ON COMPUTERS CAN SEE BETTER WHEN THEY HAVE TO STEP OUT OF THEIR VEHICLES INTO THE DARK. H KIRK KREUTZIG WHAT DOES MY TECH DO? Orion eyewear is mil-spec ballistic certified and provides a 5- to 10-minute "dark adap- tion head start" versus an unfiltered eye.

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