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P O L I C E M AG .C O M 37 that burst training is safe. One study an- alyzed 50,000 hours of HIIT data gath- ered from patients with cardiovascular disease in Norway; after seven years of collecting data, the study turned up just two cases of non-fatal cardiac arrest. SAMPLE EXERCISES Here's a list of some burst training exer- cises you can do singly or in combina- tion: • Rowing machine — one-minute inter- vals • Hill sprints/traditional sprints • Speed bursts with bicycle — 200-300 yards • Running on inclined treadmill — 1- to 2-minute intervals • Speed swimming • Burpees x 10 for 6-10 sets • Boxing/heav y bag for 1- to 2-minute "rounds" If you've been working out already, then these burst training sessions should be easier to handle for you. If not, dial it back a bit. Astorino says if you are overweight and haven't been working out in months, you don't need to sprint right away. Rather, 30 seconds to about 4 minutes of brisk walking on an inclined treadmill or hill will push your heart rate into the HIIT zone. J.D. Dougherty, a former paramedic, firefighter, and 15-year military veteran of OEF, is co-founder of Survival Legion (ht t ps://sur vivalleg ion .com), a vet- owned company that stresses function- al fitness and draws its name from the Roman Legions. TRAIN TO WIN Bring the best in law enforcement training to your agency: (630) 399-1645 Winning is much more than surviving conflict. Be completely prepared for your challenges with our inspiring and world-renowned classes with Dave "JD Buck Savage" Smith, Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, Sgt. Nancy Dowdy & team. CLASSES: The Winning Mind The Winning Mind for Women Career & Officer Survival for Dispatchers The Winning Edge Developing Successful Staff Skills Leadership for Optimal Performance Burst training exercises are better for fat burning than traditional cardio such as jog- ging or long-distance bicycling.

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