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28 POLICE JUNE 2019 EVOLVING TACTICS Up until 1999, the accepted protocol for patrol officers responding to an active shooter was to establish a perimeter and wait for a tactical team to go in and stop the threat. is was the protocol that was followed in 1999 at Colum- bine High School. e first officers to respond were onsite within minutes of the initial gunfire, but no officers en- tered the school for nearly 45 minutes. e first responders at Columbine followed their training; they set up a perimeter and then waited for SWAT to arrive. In the aftermath of Columbine, law enforcement began to examine the shortcomings of waiting to go in to stop the killing. Many agencies developed new training on how to more effectively stop the threat. is new type of train- PHOTO: DANIEL ROMERO g THROUGH SPECIAL TRAINING FOR ALL PUBLIC SAFETY PERSONNEL, THE NATION'S FIFTH LARGEST CITY IS TAKING STEPS TO MITIGATE THE TERROR AND TRAGEDY OF AN ATTACK. HOW PHOENIX IS ADDRESSING THE ACTIVE SHOOTER THREAT James Ward AS A SOCIETY, we would like to believe that active shooter incidents are freak, isolated inci- dences. But they continue to occur. That's why my agency, the Phoenix Police Department, is implement- ing training to prepare its first re- sponders for how to react to active shooters.

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