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18 P O L I C E J U N E 2 019 hand placement and felt recoil were nearly identical. is is something not present with the G43 and its much smaller frame. After 10 careful rounds from the 25, I switched to my G19 and did the same thing for comparison. e result? Nearly identical groups of about 8 inches, perfectly acceptable cen- ter-mass hits. I moved up to the 5-yard line and went through two full maga- zines of slow and methodical shots on a small bullseye. e result here was one ragged hole. In my book this is the kind of accuracy I would expect out of a fine combat pistol. I put another 100 rounds or so of fran- gible ammo through the G48 hoping for a hiccup and trying to expose any of its quirks and weaknesses but none were found. Satisfied with indoor perfor- mance I transitioned to the outdoors and mixed up the ammo a bit to see if there was anything the G48 wouldn't chew up. Our current duty ammo is the Speer Gold Dot 124-grain jacketed hollow point 9mm Luger +P round. As an agency we've run thousands of rounds through our arsenal of Glocks with great success. e G48 proved no dif- ferent. Next up was the equally pop- ular Hornady Critical Duty Flex-Lock +P rounds in 124-grain and 135-grain. Both were winners. Add a couple hun- dred rounds of our Speer Lawman 147-grain FMJ practice ammo and the G48 just refused to let me down. With well over 500 rounds of varied ammuni- tion through the gun at a fast and furi- ous tempo, the G48 certainly lived up to the Glock standard. Chambered in the tried and true 9mm Luger (or 9x19) cartridge, the G48 will fit in comfortably with the majority of law enforcement agencies as a con- cealed or secondary pistol. e move back to 9mm from .40 cal and .45 cal is becoming increasingly popular as of late and Glock knows this, hence the reason we're not seeing those options in many of their latest pistols. Although I realize many agencies allow officers to carry more than one caliber, I am a huge fan of consistency with duty weapons and have always carried one and only one cartridge. My test example won't be returning to Glock. It has found a new home as my concealed weapon of choice, replac- ing the trusty G43 that served me with distinction since it made its debut a few years ago. If you're looking for that perfect bal- ance of size, capacity, caliber, and ease of concealment without sacrificing the combat-proven abilities of a Glock, then look no further. Available now through the Glock Blue Label program you can snag your very own G48 for well under $400 out the door and I'm confident you'll be glad you did. A.J. George is a sergeant with the Scotts- dale (AZ) Police Department who is as- signed to the Technical Operations Unit, Special Investigations Section. He has more than a decade of law enforcement experience in patrol, field training, and traffic enforcement. garrett.com Tel: 800-234-6151 ® Proudly Made In The USA Safety begins ith GARRETT Garrett's THD (tactical hand-held) metal detector is the most rugged and compact unit available. Includes holster and built-in LED flashlight. THD TM Hand-Held Metal Detector (Silent operation with 360˚ detection and pinpointing tip.) ARSENAL

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