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16 P O L I C E J U N E 2 019 fit yet it is still large enough to get a commanding grip on the gun, even with larger hands. Coming in at 6.85 inches in length, the G48's slide is just under an inch longer than the G43 and about the same as a G19 double-stack pistol. Frame size is nearly identical to the G19 too with the biggest difference between the two being the width of the gun. e G48 is only about an inch wide, same as the G42, G43, and even the new G43X pistols. All of these similari- ties make for interesting mix- and-match options. If you currently own a Glock 43 and Glock 48 yet find yourself with a burning desire to own the new G43X you're in luck. Mate the G48's frame with the G43's slide and you've got one. Aggressive texturing on the G48's handle (the standard for the latest gener- ations of Glock pistols) makes for a com- manding grip, even with wet or greasy hands, and there is a smaller beavertail contour to the back for added grasp and to prevent the dreaded "slide-bite." e slide lock is a standard-sized flat panel on the left side of the gun, same as you'll find on any other Glock pistol, and the slide release is no different. e magazine release is a large rect- angular button on the left side as well, similar in size to those of the G48's full- size brethren. Using full-sized controls on a compact pistol is a very smart move by Glock and I'm sure it will be appreci- ated by shooters as it allows for continu- ity of training across the Glock line. e G48's magwell isn't flared on the sides—likely to keep the profile as slim as possible—but it is flared slightly in the front to allow for easier magazine insertion. Considering the front of the magwell is where I index my magazines anyway, I think this is an excellent use of space. My only disappointment with the G48's design is the lack of ambidextrous controls. I shot this way for decades un- til the later generations of Glocks began featuring ambi-controls but now that I've become used to them, going back is admittedly difficult. On top of that, I'm a lefty so having controls on the right side is much appreciated. I'm sure this was done to keep the G48 as slim as possible but I'd be willing to give up a smidge of streamlining for easier manipulations. SHOOTING/HANDLING My approach to this evaluation, as with any other combat pistol, was to run it hard and fast. I want to see it fight, down and dirty, without hesitation and with- out fail. at's what matters in the real world. e G48 is a single stack, 10+1 capacity pistol. Maga- zines are Glock polymer with a baseplate that features a small lip at the front, similar to current Gen 5 larger framed pistols, that makes for a sol- id grip. My example shipped with two of these and extras are readily available. ere are also several aftermarket mag- azine extensions available if you're after higher capacity. I began my live-fire time with the G48 at my agency's indoor range, which is a lead- free range that requires fran- gible ammunition. Although considered to be generally safer than standard ammo, the frangi- ble bullets have gained a reputation for being less reliable in some pistols. is is somewhat of a blessing in disguise for testing a pistol, as it exposes weak- nesses not often seen with traditional ammo. It also makes shooters really good at clearing malfunctions. Training value? 10 out of 10. Kicking it off I loaded up both of the G48's "10-round" magazines. Why do I put that in quotes, you ask? Because these 10-round mags actually accom- modate 11 rounds and you don't have to break your thumbs to get them in there. Now, I know you're all think- ing, "But it can't possibly run with that many rounds in it." You'd be wrong, as mine ran like a champ, although every pistol is different so I would imagine not all G48s will run as reliably as mine with a similar loadout. Would I carry it this way? No, because it isn't designed for that, but I feel it is important to note, as it stresses the importance of paying attention to the condition of your gear. Not only should you be inspecting each and every round of duty ammo you put in your gun, you should also be count- ing the number of rounds you put in your gun as well. Squaring off at the 25-yard line I squeezed off the first of many 9mm rounds. e first thing I noticed was how familiar the G48 felt compared to my everyday carry G19. Even though the frame is noticeably slimmer my ARSENAL Inside the "Glock box." The G48 comes with two magazines, cleaning tools, paperwork, and a gun lock. The G48's slide is just under an inch longer than the G43 and about the same as a G19 double-stack pistol. PHOTO: A.J. GEORGE

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