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POLICEMAG.COM 115 A DEEPER HURT I AGREE with Dave Smith's April In My Sights article "A Deeper Hurt" about law enforcement suicide. You can't make some- one suicidal by asking them if they are thinking about suicide. We all need to be heard and listened to. You don't need credentials to help a brother or sister who is in pain. Your law enforcement experience will give you credibility to build rapport and support to get them the help they need. We can do this! John Craig Williamson Via PoliceMag.com WELL SAID. I appreciate you address- ing this growing issue. It is about time we talked about it as a profession and a family of blue. Barry Moore Via PoliceMag.com I'VE HAD SEVER AL FRIENDS in different police departments and I can't imagine what they took home with them when they left the station. I've had several college friends commit suicide, and my heart goes out to those police officers that see the dregs of society on a daily basis and have to deal with people that have a hatred for the police. Officers are the thin blue line between society and cha- os, keeping order in society. My point is that we as a society need to do more for those contemplating sui- cide, including law enforcemet officers. I'm already praying for them on a daily basis. Peter Burnham Via PoliceMag.com DOJO TOYS LESS LETHAL TARGET SYSTEM Striving for Excellence in the Field ? Eff ortless Set Up Unprecedented Durability Made in the USA DOJO TOYS PO Box 667 Carnelian Bay, CA 96140 800-633-5315 • Fax: 530-546-3536 Email: DojoToys@gmail.com www.dojotoys.com Aim at Excellence on the Range FEEDBACK TO OUR READERS SEND POLICE YOUR COMMENTS: We want to hear your comments about POLICE and what's going on in law enforcement. Send your letters in any of the following ways. E-mail: Melanie.Basich@PoliceMag.com Fax: 310-533-2507 Mail: POLICE Magazine Attn: Letters to the Editor 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, CA 90503 Online: PoliceMag.com HYBRIDS READY FOR PATROL I READ DAVID GRIFFITH'S APRIL ARTICLE "Hybrids Ready for Patrol." I've had some issues with hybrids for law en- forcement in the past. Now that Ford is marketing full size, police rated ve- hicles that can accommodate all the equipment, two officers and the electri- cal concerns, I am a fan. I just want to emphasize that no agency should compromise officer safe- ty and efficiency for the sake of fuel sav- ings, or in the case of my former agency, political correctness. Alan G. Via PoliceMag.com KILLING URBAN SHIELD DAVID GRIFFITH'S April editorial "Killing Urban Shield" discussed the disman- tling of this very effective law enforce- ment training event. is is just another step to hamper law enforcement and our response, and we keep electing these quacks who allow it to happen. Richard Cooper Via PoliceMag.com

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