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P O L I C E M AG .C O M 113 TRAIN TO WIN Bring the best in law enforcement training to your agency: (630) 399-1645 Winning is much more than surviving conflict. Be completely prepared for your challenges with our inspiring and world-renowned classes with Dave "JD Buck Savage" Smith, Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, Sgt. Nancy Dowdy & team. CLASSES: The Winning Mind The Winning Mind for Women Career & Officer Survival for Dispatchers The Winning Edge Developing Successful Staff Skills Leadership for Optimal Performance SALES@TSSI-OPS.COM | (877) 535-TSSI (8774) EQUIPMENT YOUR LIFE CAN DEPEND ON WWW.TSSI-OPS.COM 1989 COMPUTER AGE is article on "computer-assisted ag- ing" explains how a photo of a missing child could be electronically altered to create a more accurate portrayal of the child. But it wasn't like the age progres- sion photos used today. It was really more of a guide for sketch artists. With this technique created by Scott Barrow and Lewis Sadler, an old photo of the child was digitized and entered into a computer. en the computer measured 29 facial "landmarks" that were adjusted based on the child's "current" age and expected growth/ change in facial structure. Based on these changes, an artist would create a new rendering of the child. When pho- tos created using this technique were shared on a TV show one night in 1985, two sisters who had been abducted by their father in 1977 were found the next morning and their father was arrested. What's also interesting is that the ar- ticle begins with, "Carlina Renae White is still missing from Harlem, N.Y." But that's no longer the case thanks to new techniques. e woman who lived her life as Nejdra "Netty" Judy Nance af- ter being abducted from a hospital as a baby in 1987 solved her own kidnapping case at the age of 23. She found her bio- logical parents through online research that included reading news stories about her own kidnapping. en a DNA test confirmed that she was in fact the long-missing Carlina White.

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