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100 P O L I C E J U N E 2 019 climbing attic stairs or looking down the length of drain culvert pipes that I had greater ability to target using the laser to aim. Sure, there are drawbacks. We un- derstand that lasers point both ways. e laser projection can "give away" our position, but I can't think of too many situations I have encountered in 23 years where the police really snuck up on anyone or they didn't know we were there when guns became involved. Old- er green lasers could fail in tempera- tures outside their operating limits, but current models have a -40F to 120F range. We don't ever want to become dependent on an electronic device that could fail, break, or run out of batteries. ere are also policies that must be established if an agency allows its offi- cers to use laser sights. We don't want to put lasers on center mass of non-threats or persons we have not yet identified as potential threats. So it becomes crucial to have a policy and to train officers cor- rectly in the proper activation of the la- ser and where it can be pointed at differ- ent times in a confrontation. For proper tactical illuminator training methods, see "Tactical Illuminator Training," POLICE, March 2017 (https://www.po- licemag.com/342207/tactical-illumina- tor-training). Like any handgun accessory, wheth- er it is a pistol mounted light, red-dot sight, or laser, we cannot just slap it on a gun and assume we know how to use it correctly. All supplemental systems like these require properly vetted and researched training to understand their correct use and benefits. In our studies, we cannot determine a "clear winner" of the red dot vs. laser vs. iron sight system. ey all do some things well and have shortcomings. It's not much different than debating what is the best patrol car when comparing fractions of a second in 0-60 mph times or interior volume. Brian Marshall is a 23-year veteran of law enforcement, and a member of the Inter- national Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. He teaches for the Texas State University ALERRT programs and the Steyr Arms Academy. Hamburg, MI 48139 USA PH 888-224-5828 sales@littlite.com OEM inquiries welcome. Made in the USA • Fits all Major Console Mounts • LED and Halogen Models • 4 Position, 3 Way UV LED • 12 Volt and 8-24 Volt Task Lights • Littlites' Anser illuminates mobile computers or reading materials without exposing officers or passengers. The flexible gooseneck allows you to target the light exactly where it's needed giving you a clear view of your working area, while keeping the rest of the interior darkened. littlite.com littlitedirect.com Officer safety is always an issue! has the THE WINNING EDGE A laser sight allows this shield bearer to hold his handgun closer to the shield and have a full view through the shield's port. PHOTO: BRIAN MARSHALL

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