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FEEDBACK 48 POLICE MAY 2019 UNLOCKING THE CONFUSION AROUND CHOKEHOLDS I READ Dr. Michael Schlosser's article "Unlocking the Con- fusion Around Chokeholds," and he is absolutely correct. As an ex-police patrol officer and an experienced martial artist, I agree that the two techniques, blood chokes and air chokes, are completely different. Blood chokes limit oxygen and glucose to the brain primarily from the carotid arteries, causing unconsciousness. Re- leasing the technique will allow blood to flow back to the brain as long as the heart continues to beat. In contrast, a forearm across the car- tilage of the throat can crush and block the airway that likely will result in death even when the "air choke" technique is released. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the human body is vital to the success or failure of these tech- niques. Before utilizing any skill in your profession, it must be practiced with repetition in training until it becomes precise, fluid, and natural in a combat situation. Lewis E. Smith, Jr., M.P.A. Via PoliceMag.com AT THE END OF THE DAY I READ Dave Smith's In My Sights col- umn "At the End of the Day," and I total- ly agree that you can't shut your spouse out of your work life, but blaming two failed marriages on your job is a cop out (pun intended). I've been a police officer for 35 years and it's been my experience that offi- cers who are on their third marriage or more have bigger issues than being a cop. It's an easy excuse. I know; I've used it myself. Jim Barrett Via PoliceMag.com ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LATE LAST YEAR, it was reported that an illegal immigrant slaughtered a Califor- nia police officer. Will the very many peace officers and those in like professions and their relatives, friends, and survivors thank California's elected officials and their enslaved bureaucrats for the state's pro- grams and laws that favor illegal immi- gration into California and our republic? I retired 20 years ago from a 34-year career with Wisconsin's Department of Corrections. I am reasonably sure that my retire- ment income is essentially safe from the costs of "illegals" as might, very well, bankrupt California to the extent that retirement income there may be greatly endangered. At this time, all of Califor- nia's protectors might reasonably won- der if those politicians will sacrifice offi- cers' financial security to support their plans to continue illegal immigration. ose "protectors" and the others not- ed above might well consider the above when next asked for contributions by Democrats, when they next cast their de- preciated ballots, and discuss the same with those who are important to them. James Pawlak Via PoliceMag.com JUSSIE SMOLLETT CASE DAVID GRIFFITH'S COLUMN "In the Trick Bag" covered the Chicago Police De- partment's predicament in investigat- ing the Jussie Smollett case. Now Chica- go faces another problem: Justifying all of that manpower on a non-homicide event... unless they are willing to admit that some people are more equal than other people. Socialism is for the peo- ple, not the socialist. Dennis Via PoliceMag.com CHICAGO PD probably knew it was BS right from the get-go. But because the incident was going to "go viral" and be super scrutinized, they had to cover ev- ery possible angle or they would be la- beled racist. Dave Via PoliceMag.com TO OUR READERS SEND POLICE YOUR COMMENTS: We want to hear your comments about POLICE and what's going on in law enforcement. Send your letters in any of the following ways. E-mail: Melanie.Basich@PoliceMag.com Fax: 310-533-2507 Mail: POLICE Magazine Attn: Letters to the Editor 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, CA 90503 Online: PoliceMag.com www.PoliceTechnologyExchange.com Brought to you by Networking for Law Enforcement Technology Leaders December 9 - 11, 2019 The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch Scottsdale, AZ FOR INFORMATION ON BECOMING A SUPPLIER HOST OR A DELEGATE, PLEASE CONTACT LESLIE PFEIFFER at leslie.pfeiffer@policemag.com or call (480) 367-1101 POL04-0960.19

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