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POLICEMAG.COM 29 LIBRARY PROFESSIONALS ARE WELL AWARE THAT MEMBERS OF THEIR PROFESSION ARE AT RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH WHILE WORKING. people who are clearly under the in- fluence and can't control their behav- ior; and disruptive mentally ill people. While at the library you can keep your eye on a lot of people who may have crime on their minds, and your pres- ence there on a random, irregular, oc- casional basis makes it hard for them to guess when you might pop in. As a favor to you, I have instruct- ed my library training participants to welcome you, share relevant Security Incident Reports, and allow you to use the clean and safe staff bathroom. Con- sider sitting in the library at a safe table to write your reports. Use the library parking lot as a place to sit in your car and eat your lunch. Don't just wait for them to call you. In some cities, the li- brary is near the police department and City Hall, so if this applies to you, walk across the plaza and start saying hello. LIBRARY EMPLOYEES Library employees are well aware that members of their profession are at risk of injury and death. Within the last year, a library manager was shot and killed in the parking lot of her facility by a men- tally ill homeless man in Sacramen- to. is perpetrator had already been kicked out of several St. Louis, MO-area libraries before he made his way west. e director of the Fort Myers Beach, FL library was stabbed to death by a men- tally ill homeless man as he opened the branch one Saturday morning this past January. Many library staffers already know how to initiate the Run-Hide-Fight protocol for active shooters or mass at- tackers. ey've seen the related You- Tube videos and been through training classes on active shooters taught by me or other officers or deputies from their communities. A number of libraries in this coun- try keep doses of Narcan on hand and certain staffers have been trained to administer it to suspected opiate over- dosers who frequent their bathrooms, book stacks, or other hidden parts of their facilities. Library employees try to be as inclu- sive, helpful, and welcoming as possible to all. If you have a library branch in your work area, get to know the staff and support their efforts to keep themselves and the normal patrons safe and secure from the abnormal patrons. Steve Albrecht worked for the San Di- ego Police Department for 15 years. His 21 books include Albrecht on Guns, Al- brecht and Farrow on Guns, Patrol Cop, Contact and Cover, and Tactical Perfec- tion for Street Cops. He can be reached at DrSteve@DrSteveAlbrecht.com.

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