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24 POLICE MAY 2019 should be able to feel it even through gloves. is will ensure that it's not going to slip out of your hand. Knife handle materials vary widely, and include plastic, stainless steel, and titanium. Wooden knife handles absorb moisture so they can shrink or crack when they become wet, so most officers stay away from them, at least for duty. OPENING MECHANISMS It's important that a knife deploy and stay open reliably. You can test the lock of a knife by hitting the spine of the blade against a hard surface a few times to determine how well the lock holds. Most officers carry folding knives, which are made with var- ious types of locks. "Now the flavors are liner locks or frame locks," says Cabrera. He prefers liner locks, which use a side- spring lock and can easily be opened and closed with one hand. He notes that some people like frame locks because they come in fancy aluminum or titanium to dress them up. Frame locks are very similar to liner locks, but a frame lock uses the handle to form the frame and therefore the lock. Some officers want "flippers," which are folding knives with a thumb stud that can be used to manually open them quickly. Other officers prefer automatic knives because they can be deployed so rapidly. Many states prohibit the use of automatic knives, but often provide exceptions for law enforcement offi- cers. Janich warns that a double-action, out-the-front automat- ic knife is to be avoided because if something sticky like tape residue gets stuck on the blade, when the blade retracts inside the knife it will get stuck and "gum up the action" so it won't deploy when you need it most. UTILITARIAN USE To best decide what knife to use, you need to know how you'll be using it. If you're just looking for something to cut well and withstand hard use, a utilitarian knife will do the job. If you must use a knife tas a prying tool, use one that is sturdy. e trade-off is what you gain in robustness you'll probably lose in cutting efficiency. One officer Janich knows almost exclusively used knives as FOR TOP PERFORMANCE IN TOUGH SITUATIONS © 2019 Lake Assault Boats, LLC Count on the new, value-priced Lake Assault Rigid Hull Inflatable (RHIB) for fast and agile emergency response. Rated for up to 225 hp, the lightweight cra maneuvers in as lile as 12 inches of water. It can be launched and operated by a single person, and configured for patrol, dive, and rescue operations. LAKEASSAULT.COM 715-395-2255 Most officers carry folding knives. But some prefer fixed-blade knives like DoubleStar's Chico Diablo-X, Lite-Fighter-X, and Pathseeker for off- duty carry. The Lite-Fighter-X has deep thumb grooves for a good grip. WHAT OFFICERS WANT IN A DUTY KNIFE PHOTOS: DOUBLESTAR CORP.

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