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16 POLICE MAY 2019 • ZISTOS • TACTICAL THERMAL SYSTEM WITH FULL 1080P HD VIDEO e ZistosHD Tactical System con- sists of a pole-mounted Dual Mode ermal Camera that toggles be- tween a full resolution thermal im- ager and a low-light IR illuminated standard video camera. is digital video system uses a 6+ hour battery and provides a wired or wireless sig- nal that can be viewed on multiple smart display units simultaneously. e company says the combination of both thermal and standard video images generated with the system maximizes the situational aware- ness for tactical teams. https://zistos.com EXPLOSIVES DETECTION AND PROTECTION 2019 • RIGAKU ANALYTICAL DEVICES • RESQ CQL Rigaku Analytical Devices' Rigaku ResQ CQL is the company's next generation 1064nm handheld Raman analyzer. e com- pany says its improved ergonomics, analytical performance, and sample presentation make it even easier to perform chem- ical analysis of powders, liquids, gels, and mixtures—even in non-visible amounts. e Rigaku ResQ CQL's standard library contains over 13,000 chemicals including explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), precursors, hazardous chemicals, nar- cotics, and more, as well as the added capabilities to upgrade, transfer, and translate entries. By utilizing the 1064nm Raman advantage, Rigaku says users are able to reduce sample fluo- rescence and identify colored substances or scan through col- ored packaging, allowing the user to identify more. www2.rigaku.com/products/raman/cql • ROBOTEX INC. • AVATAR e Avatar from Robotex is designed to enhance the capabilities of first responders by allowing them to quickly and safely inspect dangerous situations without putting anyone in harm's way. e company says the Avatar saves lives by keeping first responders at a safer standoff distance, and that it is so easy to operate any- one on the team can use it. e Avatar is designed as a completely customizable base robotic platform with plug-and-play payload bays, allowing users to build the robot to fit their needs. www.robotex.com • TACTICAL ELECTRONICS • CORE ARTICULATING SCOPE Tactical Electronics' Core Articulating Scope is designed to capture digitally en- crypted, high-definition video. Its four-way, 150-degree articulating camera neck is made to provide excellent video quality and outstanding low-light sensitivity. Video is streamed wirelessly to the Core monitor over an AES encrypted channel. An optional hard- wire cable connection is available for RF-restricted environments. Additionally, a 1-inch eye- piece displays video without requiring a separate monitor. High-intensity UV illumination can be activated and dimmed either directly on the camera, or remotely via the Core monitor. www.tacticalelectronics.com/product/core-articulating-scope/ • THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC • THERMO SCIENTIFIC GEMINI ANALYZER e ermo Scientific Gemini An- alyzer is made to allow officers to identify a broad range of un- known chemicals and explo- sives in the field quickly, safely, and confidently using FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in a single instrument. According to the company, the Gemini Analyzer is the first to inte- grate these complementary and confirmatory chem- ical identification tech- niques in a rugged, light- weight, handheld solution. www.thermofisher.com/gemini

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