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38 P O L I C E F E B R UA R Y 2 019 tactics training. Ninety-one officers with varied levels of experience were put through this scenario and attacked with a trainer knife that displays audi- ble and visual responses to slashes and stabs. is tool was invaluable for this scenario and made it obvious when the officer was cut. While different tech- niques and systems of fighting could be reinforced during a similar training scenario, we found the training knife (an Aku Strike Mimic T-16) to be highly effective during the simulation. Initially officers met outside of a shooting simulator room and were told they were being dispatched to a suspi- cious person call. ey were told they would meet the complainant inside, which led them to approach and initiate conversation within the average dis- tance they would normally keep while conducting business, a range of three or less than three feet. e officers entered the room and engaged in a dialogue with the complainant, and the screen of the simulator would divert their attention. e complainant then attacked with the train- ing knife. e attacker latched onto the officer with his free hand while launching re- petitive and aggressive stabs toward the mid-sec- tion. Over the course of the simulation, the attacker was able to latch onto the officer's clothing in every scenario, which restricted their ability to create distance. OFFICER RESPONSE Nine of the officers instinc- tively attempted to close the distance and address the knife. ey were stabbed an average of 5.2 times before they were able to disarm the suspect or draw their weapon and end the threat. e remaining 82 of the officers moved directly backward, attempt- ing to create distance. ey were stabbed an average of 6.5 times be- fore they were able to draw their weapon and end the threat. Roughly 40% of those lost their footing or fell on the ground. None of the 91 officers made a truly lateral movement out of instinct. Some angled away slightly while going forward or backward, but none made an aggressive lateral movement to avoid the attack. Out of the 91 participating officers, only one did not get stabbed at all. He suc- cessfully intercepted the attack and was able to draw and fire his weapon without sustain- ing any damage. THE WINNING EDGE PHOTOS : GET T Y IMAGES

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