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2 P O L I C E F E B R UA R Y 2 019 COVER STORY 32 DRIVING THE 2019 DODGE DURANGO PURSUIT With its new Durango Pursuit, Dodge offers law enforcement customers a muscular patrol SUV that may serve well as a K-9 unit. PAUL CLINTON FEATURES 14 TESTING DRIVERS FOR MARIJUANA IMPAIRMENT Drivers under the influence of THC may suffer from slower reaction time, impaired cognitive performance, and increased risk-taking. DOUG WYLLIE 28 COLUMNS 4 EDITORIAL The Wounded DAVID GRIFFITH 48 GUEST EDITORIAL Unplug and Recharge Your Batteries DOUG WYLLIE 56 IN MY SIGHTS Film at Eleven DAVE SMITH REVIEWS 46 POLICE PRODUCT TEST Hanes TEC-Comfortgear DAVID GRIFFITH DEPARTMENTS 8 FIRST LOOK Motorola Solutions: Dynamic Duo DAVID GRIFFITH 18 FIRST RESPONDER NETWORKS In an emergency when the cellular systems are overwhelmed, public safety priority networks can provide you with voice communications and high-speed data transfer. DAVID GRIFFITH 22 2 WAYS TO STOP MASS ATTACKS Allowing law enforcement officers to carry in public places off duty and adjusting shifts at major events could prevent or quickly end many mass shootings. STEVE ALBRECHT 24 VEHICLE ACCESSORIES 2019 Outfit your vehicle with the latest safety, security, and technological accoutrements. MELANIE BASICH 28 PATROL VEHICLES 2019 This year the Big 3 are offering new SUVs, new engines, and new features for law enforcement fleets. DAVID GRIFFITH 40 CROWD CONTROL Mannaging the people evacuating and those arriving after a school shooting requires a coordinated planthat includes being on the lookout for suspects among them. MELANIE BASICH 6 PRODUCTS 49 PRODUCT SHOWCASE GUIDE 53 FEEDBACK 54 CLASSIFIEDS 10 HOW TO… How to Buy a Flashlight MELANIE BASICH 36 THE WINNING EDGE Spontaneous Knife Attacks CLAY CULPEPPER 42 WHAT DOES MY TECH DO? My Technology Can…Make Reporting Faster and More Accurate MARK GEREMIA 50 LOOKING BACK The Great American Patrol Car 1989, 1999, and 2009 MELANIE BASICH Socializing with fellow officers has never been easier. Connect with PoliceMag.com on our various social platforms: Read our "OnTarget" e-newsletter published five times a week for breaking news about new gear, line- of-duty encounters, patrol tactics, legal news, and other updates from the field, including the Corinth (TX) Police Department loosening its tattoo policy for officers. policemag.com/corinthtattoopolicy Patrol: Officers share insights about life on the job. PHOTO GALLERIES NEWS BLOGS policemag.com/patrolblog Vehicle Accessories 2019 policemag.com/vehacc2019gallery CHP Air Unit Rescues 2 Hikers from Yosemite Crevasse policemag.com/chphelohikersrescue VIDEO PHOTO: Kelly Bracken Police (ISSN 0893-8989)(USPS 683-250) is published monthly, by Bobit Business Media, 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. Periodicals postage paid at Torrance, California 90503-9998 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Police, P.O. Box 3312, Northbrook, IL 60065-3312. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for address changes to take effect. Subscribers: If the Post Office alerts us that your magazine is undeliverable, we have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected address within 6 months.Yearly Subscription Prices: United States $25 per year; Canadian $40 per year; foreign $60 per year. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your first issue. Single copy price - $5; Fact Book - $10. Printed in U.S.A. FEBRUARY 2019 C O N T E N T S A L S O I N T H I S I S S U E O N P O L I C E M A G . C O M E V E R Y M O N T H J O I N T H E C O N V E R S AT I O N 36 8

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