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POLICE WORK, at times, requires officers to use controlled force to bring order to a chaotic situation for the benefit of all involved. And for much of its history, Dodge has brought muscular steel and roaring horsepower to law enforcement fleets that, when under the steady hand of a highly trained law enforcement driv- er, enforces compliance from many a speed violator. e 2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit, which in its highest iteration is a law enforcement version of the Durango R/T, can chase down suspects without breaking a sweat. It provides "the long g arm of the law now with bigger biceps," according to its marketing campaign. Once we sail past the hyperbole, we find a performance-oriented pur- suit-rated SUV that enters the fray against the tough competition of Ford's Police Interceptor Utility and the Chev- rolet Tahoe PPV. Dodge began selling its Durango Pursuit at the tail end of the 2018 model year in a limited run, so the 2019 mod- el will likely be the vehicle most pur- chased by law enforcement agencies. While the Durango Pursuit may find a place in fleets that already run Dodge Charger Pursuit sedans for fleet manag- ers who value manufacturer continuity, the vehicles are significantly different, so there's no reason why the vehicle wouldn't be considered by an agency seeking a high-performance vehicle with more room for police gear and ad- ditional officers. e vehicle could also easily be set up as a K-9 unit. Hopes are high among the Dodge law enforcement sales team. "We believe the 2019 Dodge Duran- go Pursuit will expand our appeal to an even broader audience and take our game to the next level in terms of performance," says Steve Beahm, head of passen- ger car brands for Fiat Chrys- ler's Dodge, SRT, Chrysler, and Fiat. "e Durango gives law enforcement agencies even more of what they want—a more spacious in- terior room, a higher ride height, Hemi V-8 perfor- mance, and efficiency." SUVs have somewhat overshadowed the tradi- tional rear-wheel sedan in law enforcement in recent years due to their flexible us- age. State highway patrol officers or deputies, for example, may be as- signed traffic enforcement duties many miles from the nearest substation. So the need for cargo carrying is real. 32 POLICE FEBRUARY 2019 Cabin dimentions in the 2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit's provide a comfortable ride for even taller officers and in the back is enough room to makes it a good fit for K-9 use. WITH ITS NEW DURANGO PURSUIT, DODGE OFFERS LAW ENFORCEMENT CUSTOMERS A MUSCULAR PATROL SUV THAT MAY SERVE WELL AS A K-9 UNIT. DRIVING THE 2019 DODGE DURANGO PURSUIT PAUL CLINTON

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