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POLICEMAG.COM 23 enforcement officers providing security at large public gatherings, like indoor and outdoor concerts, parades, and sporting events. Specifically, we need to start having fresh sets of police eyes on duty well past the end of the event. e May 2017 bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in the UK happened outside, after her concert was over. e 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas hap- pened outside, near the end of the show. (e February 2018 shootings at the Parkland, FL high school happened at the end of the school day.) We need to pay just as much attention to security at the end of these events as at the begin- ning and during them, because that's when our vigilance starts to diminish. If you have ever worked a large pub- lic gathering as a uniformed officer, you know it can be challenging, with lots of drunks or drug users; loose kids; confused, angry, or excited people; and plenty of pushing and shoving in the walkways and aisles. If you have to make arrests, transport (mostly obnox- ious) prisoners, or keep people from climbing on to the stage or running onto the field, it can be a tiring day. As such, as your shift draws to a close, in unison with the end of the event, it's easy and human nature to get distracted and think mostly about your sore feet, tired back, empty stomach, getting back to your station, and going home. SPLIT EVENT SECURITY SHIFTS is is where the solution lies: split shifts. If vigilance at the end of the shift is the problem, we need to start staff- ing major events by having a squad of officers come on duty mid-event and stay on well past the end of the concert or game, well after the audiences (and their first-shift police colleagues) have left the vicinity. As an example, it's common practice for many sports arenas and stadiums to open most of the exit gates to let people leave after the eighth inning, near the end of the fourth quarter in football, etc. ese gates are often lightly staffed with security, if at all. You can just as easily walk in to watch the end of the event as you can walk out. is security loophole is easily fixed: e second shift of police officers (and security guards) should staff these ar- eas and allow ticket holders to leave but keep non-ticket holders out. ey should also pay careful attention to the facility perimeters, something the offi- cers leaving their shifts rarely do. (e concept of putting on "felony blinders" and not wanting to see anything bad on your way back to the station has only been a part of policing for 150 years.) Give our cops back the right to be armed at concerts, theme parks, and sporting events. Let's start splitting po- lice shifts to cover the events fully, not just strong at the beginning and the mid- dle and then fading out at the end. Steve Albrecht worked for the San Di- ego Police Department for 15 years. His 21 books include Albrecht on Guns, Al- brecht and Farrow on Guns, Patrol Cop, Contact and Cover, and Tactical Perfec- tion for Street Cops. He can be reached at DrSteve@DrSteveAlbrecht.com. "I see cars flying past my house every day!" sales@jamartech.com • www.jamartech.com 1-800-776-0940 • 1-215-361-2244 1500 Industry Road, Suite C Hatfield, PA, USA 19440 JAMAR Technologies, Inc. Sound Familiar? You know what she says, now find out what the evidence says with the New Black Cat II Radar Recorder. USED BY POLICE NATIONWIDE • Speed and Volume Data • Clear, Easy to Read Reports • Reports Designed for the Public • View Demo at www.jamartech.com "I see cars flying past my house every day!" • Address Speeding Complaints • Fast and Easy to Install • Covert 'Black Box' Collection • Keeps Personnel Off Roads

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