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74 POLICE JANUARY 2019 WEATHERING THE STORM I READ DAVID GRIFFITH'S DECEMBER 2018 ARTICLE "Weathering the Storm" about how agencies responded to Hurricane Florence. ey always say that the best made plans go out the window when disaster hits and you just have to plan as you go. Now they can try to come up with a better plan for the next time and hope they never have to use it. Doug Via PoliceMag.com FOOT PURSUIT SAFETY AS A NEW YORK CITY COP, I used to en- gage in numerous foot pursuits. How- ever, I was also a regular runner as part of my physical fitness routine. It's true that catching up to a suspect is only the beginning of the fitness test. When you catch him you'd better have enough strength and stamina left to subdue him. I've had to fight for my life when I ul- timately cornered a suspect who turned on me like an animal when he thought he was going to (especially, back to) prison if captured. When it's either him or you, you'd better be prepared to do what it takes to get those cuffs on him. I rec- ommend either good fighting skills or a blackjack. Keep in mind, if he subdues you, he'll take your gun and very likely use it on you. Don't be squeamish about what you use to defend yourself. e old ad- age in police work is "better to be judged by 12 than carried by six." Bob Weir Via PoliceMag.com TRAINING THE BOMB HUNTERS IT'S GREAT TO SEE PROGRESS within the area of K-9 Person-Borne Explosive De- tection. I'm a big fan of using Labs and wholeheartedly agree with their profile in the November 2018 article "Training the Bomb Hunters." MarcWeisenfeld State of Hawaii, County of Maui Department of Liquor Control Via PoliceMag.com BACKWARDS TIMES THANK YOU, Mr. Griffith, for writing what most of us are thinking. "Nike's Blood Money" is a tremendous editorial. It boggles my mind how the people who (rightfully) attack those who dis- criminate and stereotype are the same ones who will so easily espouse those attributes to the men and women of our profession. We are living in backwards times. Mark Walerysiak Deputy Chief (Operations) Meriden (CT) Police Department Firing Range Services Indoor & Outdoor Traps, Rubber, Earth Berms Cleaning, Lead Abatement & Recycling Range Improvements & Reconstruction Range Assessment & Consultation Over 400 law enforcement agencies nationwide from NYPD to Seattle rely on MT2 to safely & effectively complete their firing range maintenance & improvement projects MT2 is the Naaon's #1 Provider of Firing Range Lead Reclamaaon and Maintenance Services Contact Strong at 800-225-0724 or email us at sales@strongleather.com Show your pride and support for the law enforcement brotherhood with our new Blue Line Strong series of wallets and badge cases. The unique blue leather strip finely stitched onto the front section of our cases boldly states you are proud to be a law enforcement officer. Blue Line Strong series is available in the following styles: #7750BL, #7923BL, #7952BL, #7961BL and #90218 NEW FEEDBACK TO OUR READERS SEND POLICE YOUR COMMENTS: We want to hear your comments about POLICE and what's going on in law enforcement. Send your letters in any of the following ways. E-mail: Melanie.Basich@PoliceMag.com Fax: 310-533-2507 Mail: POLICE Magazine Attn: Letters to the Editor 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, CA 90503 Online: PoliceMag.com

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