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64 P O L I C E J A N UA R Y 2 019 THE SOLUTION e introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into law enforcement tools will have a significant impact on agency produc- tivity and crime-solving capabilities. AI can be the long-awaited force multiplier for agencies, automating a once manual process and delivering actionable sus- pect intelligence in record time. By using AI-based systems public safety agencies can now analyze and leverage far more of their digital evi- dence. Facial recognition AI engines quickly comb through massive datasets at incredible speed, providing action- able insights in less time and with less manpower. Veritone's latest product, IDenti- fy, was developed to meet the needs of public safety agencies. IDentify lets agencies quickly compare their known offenders against crime scene footage, saving valuable time and resources. Once the agency's booking and per- sons of interest databases have been connected, investigators create "cases" in IDentify and associate digital evi- dence with each case for IDentify to automatically compare detected faces sible suspect has been identified, the investigator confirms the match, then the investigator may optionally attach pertinent notes within IDentify to be shared with others across the agency. Unknown faces generated from crime scene footage but not present in the department's databases are review- able in a list for investigators to dismiss or add to the existing persons of interest database. is expanded database can be leveraged by IDentify to compare unknown individuals and notify inves- tigators when they are looking at the same individual. IDentify optimizes workflows for investigative teams. Teams can seam- lessly manage and track case evidence associated with an investigation from one centralized location and apply sta- tus labels related to such evidence such as active, closed, or archived. Notes and case details such as case ID, depart- ment, officer ID, case description, loca- ' | 410-744-2400 | events@ipmba.org | www.ipmba.org WHAT DOES YOUR TECH DO? IDentify optimized workflows for the investigative teams, and they were able to identify nine suspects in less than four months. in evidence to the agency's existing da- tabases. IDentify returns all matches complete with the pertinent booking information included in the database. e matches are organized by certainty for investigators to review. Investigators can either mark each match as a poten- tial suspect or dismiss it. Once a pos-

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