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62 P O L I C E J A N UA R Y 2 019 A lot of people believe that video surveillance tools and evidentiary vid- eo systems like in-car and body-worn cameras have made the jobs of law en- forcement investigators much easier. But the truth is that even when individu- als are caught on camera at the scene of a crime, inves- tigators still have their work cut out for them to identify suspects and connect them to the crime. My company's technolo- gy—Veritone IDentify—can make this task much easier. I'll explain how in a minute. But first a little background. THE PROBLEM As you know, the typical in- vestigator has to sift through masses of arrest records, turn to other agencies for intelligence, or even ask the public to help identify people captured on video. is is because many agen- cies lack the resources and tools to effectively compare individuals caught in video against photos of known offenders and previously arrested individuals. Most agencies today employ highly laborious, manual processes to identi- fy people in videos. Consequently, many agencies are forced to prioritize only serious or high-profile crimes, leaving many cases unsolved. With the massive wave of body-cam, smartphone, personal, and commer- cial video and surveillance systems, agencies now have access to unprec- edented volumes of video footage, but the manual techniques used to sift through it all do not efficiently scale at the same rate. Booking databases provide agencies with access to a treasure trove of i n for mat ion, i nclud i ng names, faces, arrest records, and other information de- tailing current or previously detained individuals. Cor- relating this information to crime scene footage can help identify suspects and solve crimes. Unfortunate- ly, this valuable information is often difficult to effective- ly leverage during an inves- tigation. Historically there has not been a systematic way for agencies to simply compare crime scene foot- age against booking data- bases. To identify a suspect, in- vestigators traditionally rely on intel from their depart- ment first and then move on to the painstaking process of manually comparing booking database records against crime scene footage. Many agencies do not even have an easily searchable database of their own known offenders, which re- sults in a difficult and time-consum- ing process. Reviewing thousands of records and comparing them to digital evidence requires the investigators to spend the majority of their time at their desks, focusing on the administrative tasks to organize and label evidence instead of conducting proactive police work. Veritone's IDentify lets agencies quickly compare their known offenders against crime scene footage. VERITONE'S IDENTIFY USES FACIAL RECOGNITION AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO SEARCH YOUR DATABASES AND IDENTIFY PERSONS OF INTEREST IN VIDEO. H MICHAEL SWARZ WHAT DOES YOUR TECH DO? MY TECHNOLOGY CAN… HELP YOU RAPIDLY IDENTIFY SUSPECTS

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