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58 P O L I C E J A N UA R Y 2 019 I n November, PoliceMag.com report- ed on a foot pursuit that ended in a gun battle between the pursuing officer and the fleeing subject. An unidentified Chicago police officer was shot in his ballistic vest after a suspect opened fire during a foot pursuit that began when the subject fled a traffic stop. During the pursuit, the subject reportedly turned and fired at the officer. e officer's body armor stopped at least one round, according to reports. e officer returned fire, striking the gunman in the throat. Both the officer and the subject were transported to nearby hospitals—the subject was sub- sequently listed in critical condition. Fortunately, the officer was treated and released and is expected to be OK. PURSUIT SAFETY e recent incident in Chicago acts as a stark reminder that myriad hazards exist for officers engaging in foot pur- suits. For example, a fleeing subject may know the immediate area better than the pursuing officer, and take advan- tage of that knowledge to elude the offi- cer and lie in wait for an ambush. When a subject clears a wall or a corner, they have a substantial advantage to attack as the pursuing officer clears the obsta- cle or terrain feature. If a pursuing officer loses sight of the fleeing subject, that officer may deter- mine that the best course of action is to discontinue the pursuit, and com- municate to other responding officers the suspect's last known location and direction of travel. If the pursuing offi- cer decides to continue the pursuit af- PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES OFFICER SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS FOR FOOT PURSUITS FROM SUDDEN MEDICAL EMERGENCY TO AMBUSH ON OFFICERS, FOOT PURSUITS CAN TURN DEADLY IN AN INSTANT. H DOUG WYLLIE THE WINNING EDGE At the end of a successful foot pursuit, you still have to make an arrest. Before tearing after a fleeing suspect, you need to know if you are fit enough to endure the run and the fight that may happen if the subject resists.

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