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POLICEMAG.COM 57 LEOSA CARRY THERE ARE FEW ASPECTS of law enforce- ment carry off the job that are more com- plicated than LEOSA. e federal law seemed straightforward when it was first enacted in 2004. It allowed active and re- tired sworn law enforcement officers to carry across jurisdictions, regardless of local law. But it hasn't worked out to be so simple. Who qualifies, how they qual- ify, what credentials they have to carry, and resistance from local jurisdictions to recognize federal law make LEOSA a subject that could fill a book. We wanted to know if POLICE read- ers are benefitting from LEOSA, so we asked a series of questions on the topic. More than 68% of respondents said they have used LEOSA rights to carry off duty outside of their jurisdictions. A full 61% of retired officers respond- ing said they carry concealed using LEOSA credentials. Of the retired re- spondents who do not have LEOSA credentials, the most common reason involved their former agencies. Slight- ly less than 20% said their agencies will not certify retired officers. Other reasons retired officers say they do not have LEOSA credentials include: living in a state that does not recognize LEO- SA, too many hoops to jump through, not knowing how to apply, strict local gun laws, and they don't want the LEO- SA credentials because they have a state concealed carry permit and do not plan to travel. HAVE YOU EVER USED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS SAFETY ACT (LEOSA) RIGHTS TO CARRY OFF DUTY OUTSIDE OF YOUR JURISDICTION? Yes: 69% No: 31% IF YOU ARE RETIRED, DO YOU CARRY CONCEALED USING LEOSA CREDENTIALS? Yes: 61% No: 39% OTHER THAN IN TRAINING HAVE YOU EVER HAD TO DRAW YOUR OFF-DUTY HANDGUN? Yes: 25% No: 75%

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