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56 POLICE JANUARY 2019 to draw their off-duty handguns other than in training. Some 25% said they have done just that. Out of those respon- dents, most said they have never had to fire their off-duty weapons outside of training. However, 50 respondents indi- cated they have had to open fire off duty someplace other than the range. Some of these incidents may have involved animals such as one respondent who said he once fired his off-duty weapon to ward off a charging moose. But some of these incidents were gunfights. For both backup guns and off-duty guns, we asked our readers about brand preference. It's no surprise given the company's prevalence in the law en- forcement market that Glock is the most popular brand for both missions. e next most popular backup and off-du- ty gunmaker among respondents was Smith & Wesson, followed by SIG Sauer. Other brands that were popular includ- ed: Ruger, Colt, Walther, Kel-Tec, FN, and Springfield Armory. Make connections and network with peers to share knowledge, learn about the latest training trends and develop solutions to the challenges facing law enforcement today! • Receive 6 days of cutting-edge training delivered by most respected instructors in law enforcement for only $397! • Select from over 150 instructor courses including hands-on, classroom, certification, and live fire! • Attend the 2 day vendor expo featuring over 130 exhibitors sharing the latest information and product technology! International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association March 18-23, 2019 St. Louis Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, MO Register online and save $$ https://ileeta.org/ileeta-conference-expo/ EXCLUSIVE POLICE SURVEY g pockets, purses, belly bands, shoulder packs, and fanny packs. Some respon- dents also mentioned that the position- ing of their off-duty guns is dependent on their clothing choices and planned activities. Another question covered what law enforcement gear the respondents carry off duty in addition to a handgun. Pop- ular answers included: knives, flash- lights, Kubatons, expandable batons, handcuffs/flex cuffs, spare magazines, OC spray, tourniquets, and ID/badges. As with backup guns, we were in- terested in whether officers have had DO/DID YOU CARRY OFF DUTY Yes: 97% No: 3% IS/WAS YOUR OFF-DUTY HANDGUN THE SAME CALIBER AS YOUR DUTY HANDGUN? Yes: 57% No: 43% 9mm: 45% .40 S&W: 21% .45 ACP: 11% .380 ACP: 8% .38 Special: 6% .357 Magnum: 2% .357 SIG: 1% Other: 6% WHAT CALIBER OF HANDGUN DO/DID YOU CARRY OFF DUTY?

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