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POLICEMAG.COM 47 use in the evaluation of data produced by the psychophysiology of an examin- ee responding to carefully construct- ed test questions. is research care- fully considers the consequences of false-negative (he did not do it when in fact he did do it) and false positive (she did it when in fact she did not do it) ex- aminer opinion. 8. EXAMINER OPINION More than 20 years of published poly- graph research supports the contention that the opinion of a qualified exam- iner will be the correct opinion at least 90 times out of 100 calls. No science is 100% accurate. e polygraph examiner profession makes no such claim. 9. WHEN TO USE IT Polygraph interviews are tools in the tool bag of law enforcement. Try to drive a screw into a wall with a hammer and the most likely result is a sore thumb. Try to drive a nail into a wall with a screwdriver and the most likely result is a bruised or cut hand. Attempting to drive a polygraph interview to the wrong set of circumstances will most likely result in a false-negative or false positive qualified examiner opinion. 10. PRETESTING IS CRITICAL A properly conducted pre-test interview by a qualified examiner using validated polygraph techniques and formats will most likely result in a valid and reli- able examiner statement of probability based upon published research. Finally, it is important to remember that the polygraph test is not intend- ed to measure or detect deception or truth-telling per se. e polygraph test is merely a tool for the discrimination of deception and truth-telling. Neither the polygraph test nor any scientific test is expected to be infallible. Michael B. Lynch, MA is the school di- rector for the Vollmer Polygraph training and education program. For additional information please go to vollmerinsti- tute.com or call (800) 295-6041. J.C. De Ladurantey is the managing partner of the Vollmer Institute, a poly- graph and forensic science academy lo- cated in Yorba Linda, CA. He has over 40 years of law enforcement experience. ARMOR CRAFTED FOR YOUR MISSION Armor Express continues to push the envelope on body armor solutions. See you at SHOT Show, booth #31303 or online at ARMOREXPRESS.COM Polygraphs are instruments that measure a subject's response to questions. The formulation of the questions and the analysis of the responses by a trained interviewer is critical to a reliable outcome. PHOTO: VOLLMER INSTITUTE

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