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RUAG SWISS P ® is a registered trademark of RUAG Ammotec AG, a RUAG Group Company POLICEMAG.COM 31 Edward Dalberg-Acton, "absolute power corrupts absolutely." In prison numbers is power. And the number of Tangos in Texas pris- ons is huge and any concept of them being a protective group has been absolutely corrupted. I have had conversations with several TDCJ personnel who have told me there is no way they could make Tangos an STG because there is no way they could segre- gate them all due to their num- bers. So now Tango is said to be the largest, if not one of the largest groups of con- cern within the Texas prison system. I'm not saying Tangos are considered a hybrid gang, but I think they share some startling simi- larities in their disdain for set rules and regula- tions, and their ablity to be a member of another street gang outside, and Tango inside. Criminal gangs are seeing the same problem with today's youth as we are in law enforcement and other sectors of American life. Young gang members exhibit a growing lack of respect and a "I don't want to wait," and "why should I have to work for it" men- tality. is is why I believe we are seeing a huge increase in hybrid street gangs as well as evolving prison groups like Tango and In- dependent Peckerwoods. And since I don't see an end to this trend anywhere in sight, I be- lieve it's going to be up to us as law enforcement officers to commu- nicate with these gang members and each other so we can evolve our methods and tactics to meet this challenge. A. Frisina assisted in the writing of this article. Ryan Jones is assigned to the gang investigations unit at the Montgomery County (TX) Sheriff's Of- fice. He has been the lead investigator in several fel- ony gang-related investigations. As part of his cur- rent assignment he is a Federal Task Force Officer with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and is a member of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Of- fice's SWAT Team. Ammunition for Professionals. Premium, Precision, Power. Reliability is the key. From trigger to terminal effect, this is the sniper's choice for outstanding accuracy. Made in Switzerland. RUAG Ammotec AG sales.ammotec@ruag.com RUAG SWISS P ® is a registered trademark of RUAG Ammotec AG, a RUAG Group Company Please visit us at Shot Show 2019, 22–25 January, Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, booth 16727 The hybrid gang concept can often be seen in prisons where gang members from street rivals unite under a single prison gang, even if they swear no allegiance to that set on the outside. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

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