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P O L I C E M AG .C O M 15 SCANNING Many police executives take advantage of a simple technique called scanning. Take a set amount of time each day or several times per week and dedicate it to tapping into what is going on in your own "industry." Scan carefully chosen websites, informational resources, or news sources to ensure you are up on current events, not just locally, but also nationally. Make yourself aware of to- morrow's technology, case law, new equipment, the latest law enforcement trends, blogs, informational videos, or relevant legislation. Scanning, over time, creates a candidate who is well informed, connected, and a profession- al who has a broadened view to see be- yond his or her own backyard. DIGITAL LIBRARY ere are dozens of sources for pro- motional candidates to get a variety of articles, newsletters, journals, white papers, case studies, and research ma- terials to be used for study, preparation, and knowledge building. e key to suc- cess is organization. Consider creating your own digital library. is is as sim- ple as creating a file called Promotion Preparation. Over your years of prepa- ration, all the things you read, study, search for, and research can be down- loaded into your promotion preparation file. As you develop the file, you can cre- ate sub-folders such as leadership, su- pervision, risk management, case law, sergeant/lieutenant interviews, how to motivate others, and book reading lists. Other sub-folders might include train- ing to attend, oral interview articles, as- sessment center testing, blog websites, newsletter subscriptions, or tactics ar- ticles. Imagine over months or years, if de- veloped regularly, how in-depth this organized digital library could become. e tremendous informational value of dozens of folders containing hundreds of articles and information sources could be used not just to advance your career skill and knowledge, but also for your promotional preparatory efforts. MORE THAN PREPARED In addition to these preparatory recom- mendations, consider becoming an in- structor or trainer in any capacity. En- sure you are an excellent writer so you'll be prepared for the promotional written test exercises and do whatever it takes to be skilled at and comfortable speaking in front of others to be ready for the pro- motional panel oral interview. Dedicat- ing yourself to diverse preparation over time and with a well developed strategy is the key to success. Andy Borrello is a retired police captain and 27-year veteran of the San Gabriel (CA) Police Department. He is a Califor- nia POST master instructor and the au- thor of Police Promotion Super Course. Borello serves as a career development coach helping officers advance their ca- reers. He welcomes inquiries at www.po- licepromote.com. 6853 see what you've been missing Call for more choices & our best prices! pr-infrared.com • 503-292-8682 A DIVISION OF P&R TECHNOLOGIES, INC $2495 New! Breach TM • 12 micron thermal monocular • 7 color-enhanced display palettes • Compact size—slips into pocket! • Helmet mount (mini-rail feature) • Records images & video FLIR LS-X/R Thermal Monocular from $2599 Visimid Phoenix X320 Compact Thermal Imager from $1820 Pulsar Helion Thermal Imaging Scope from $2500

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