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48 POLICE DECEMBER 2018 the weapon, away from your waist, go down on your stomach." 5. As the arrestee is going onto their stom- ach, command, "Arms out, arms out." 6. "Palms up." 7. "Cross your ankles." 8. Officers should communicate about who will control and cuff and who will maintain cover. Whichever officer cuffs, command the arrestee to turn their head in the opposite direction. For example, if the control and cuffing officer approaches to cuff on the arrestee's left side, the officer should command, "Look to your right." THE APPROACH The cover officer should work their way to the cuff and control officer, who should holster their pistol and wait until the cov- er officer has come alongside before ap- proaching the suspect. e cover officer should keep their pistol drawn, finger on the locator and pointed at the suspect, ready to take a shot at the head or upper torso should the need arise. e two of- ficers should approach together, side by side, to prevent the contact officer from being flagged or covered by the cover of- ficer's muzzle (a "crossfire" situation). CONTROL, CUFF, AND SECURE WEAPON Having arrived beside the arrestee, the control officer should maintain control of the suspect by securing the arrestee's arm at the wrist and elbow. Standing in a good base, apply upward pressure on the wrist and downward pressure at the elbow. It is important for the arrestee's hand to face palm-up. While maintaining this pressure, mount the arrestee by placing your shin honor your finest this holiday SEASON with solid bronze quality SAVE ALMOST 30% ON A ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO POLICE MAGAZINE! RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfi ed with POLICE magazine, we'll send you a full refund for all undelivered issues. WANT AN EVEN BETTER DEAL? Group Subscription Available. If you have multiple personnel who want their own copy, save money by signing up for our group subscription rate. Go to Policemag.com/group to fi nd out how. Sign up now to get Police Magazine delivered each month. Go to www.policemag.com/discount Get 12 issues a year for only $18, a 28% savings! $33 Canada, $53 outside US or Canada AM05-0589.16 across the suspect's back and controlling the arm, enabling pain compliance with gooseneck control at the wrist. Should the arrestee begin to resist, maintain control by driving the arm downward and apply pain compliance through the wrist ma- nipulation. at said, no tactics work ev- ery time; be aware that the control officer may need to disengage. Once the control officer has mounted the arrestee, the cover officer should keep their pistol at the low ready, pointing to- ward the ground, off the suspect's head or upper torso area. e cover officer should stand at the same angle as the cover offi- cer's leg closest to the suspect's head to al- The Winning Edge

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