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PoliceMag.com 45 measures ensured that their vehicles had gas, New Bern went through some chal- lenges in this area. City pumps were down, according to Summers, but local gas sta- tions were sporadically operating. Eventu- ally, a tanker was brought into the city and stood by to fuel public safety vehicles. e types of patrol vehicles available to Wilmington officers proved to be a great issue during the flooding. All of the de- partment's squad cars were traditional sedans, and Fanta says their lack of clear- ance led to some of them being destroyed by water. He hopes the city will be able to soon acquire some patrol SUVs or trucks to respond to future hurricanes. But that may not be possible, as the city budget is now strained by storm recovery. Wilmington also experienced a com- munications issue in the aftermath of Florence. After the 911 center lost power, a generator was used to get the center back up and running. en the generator caught fire and comms went down again. Fanta says the response plan anticipated this possibility and had set up access to some state run VIPER (Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders) channels. But that didn't work out as planned, and soon all of the city's public safety agen- cies were operating on one VIPER chan- nel. Fanta says that could have led to a major disruption of communications, but the same catastrophic rain and flooding that had taken out power to the 911 center also made the single VIPER channel a non- issue. "We had made the decision that we couldn't deploy. So there wasn't that much radio traffic," Fanta explains. RECOVERY Both the Wilmington and New Bern police departments said their operations were back to normal when they were contacted last month. Fanta says the Wilimington PD is still affected by the loss of some of its vehicles and by damage at some of its fa- cilities but those facilities are operational. e cities these departments serve, however, are still recovering and will be for months to come as the citizens try to rebuild their lives and their property. "We had as many as 4,000 homes damaged by the storm," Summers says. Some of those homes belonged to officers who respond- ed to help others while suffering their own losses. S e r i o u s S t o r a g e f o r W e a p o n s a n d G e a r Argos Security offers a full range of customizable storage solutions for all of your weapons and gear. Get specs and build your budget at argosweaponstorage.com/police. 855-893-2766 sales@argosweaponstorage.com - Underwater Positioning and Sonar Imaging - Sight in Zero Visibility - Sonar Coverage Mapping - HD Video and Images for Documentation. - Communication and - Communication and Diver Tracking Available. Other Products Include: Video Systems, Side Scan Sonar, Diver Delivery Systems, Remotely Operated Vehicles, and More. Underwater Search and Recovery Systems Since 1984 www.sharkmarine.com sales@sharkmarine.com Ph: (905) 687 6672 DIVE TABLET 2

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