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36 POLICE DECEMBER 2018 Notably, the overwhelming majority of officers said that the "extra stuff" that they carry was duty gear that was personally purchased because the depart- ment did not issue it. Almost every single officer said they carry a non-depart- ment-issued folding knife. Many reported carrying a "multi-tool" of some kind. Some said that they also car- ry a window punch. One officer said he carried a pen with an integrated handcuff key. Some officers carry language cards with simple phrases so they can communicate with non-English speakers in their jurisdictions. One even said he carried a small firearms identification guide. Speaking of firearms, many officers—nearly all, in fact—re- ported that their backup gun was personally purchased. Another common response was a small backup flashlight. Although some departments have begun to issue tourniquets, many still do not. Consequently, a significant number of offi- cers responding to our inquiry revealed that they bought, trained on, and carry one—typ- ically strapped to their ankle. One officer said, "e city supplied one pair of handcuffs. I bought two more and carry them." Another officer said he had a Kubotan attached to his key ring. One officer said he carried dog bones. "I learned the hard way" on that one, he said. Several officers reported car- rying a tape recorder—some of whom retired before body cam- eras became ubiquitous, and some who presently carry one "because body cameras fail." Several enterprising officers said they carried a mirror that can be attached to the end of a baton so they can see around cor- ners from cover or concealment. One retired officer—who does not smoke—said he carried a pack of cigarettes. "Smokers—especially those under stress— will often do anything for a cigarette," he said. ONE OFFICER SAID HE CARRIES A PLASTIC HEART HIS DAUGHTER MADE FOR HIM. IN THE POCKET OF HIS TRAUMA PLATE HE CARRIES A PLAYING CARD ON WHICH HIS OTHER DAUGHTER WROTE "DAD." PHOTO: ANONYMOUS OFFICER THE THINGS YOU CARRY T H E N E W N AT I O N A L L AW E N F O R C E M E N T M U S E U M I N WA S H I N G T O N , D C 4 0 0 Y E A R S O F H I S T O RY I N O N E I N T E R A C T I V E A N D I M M E R S I V E P L A C E . P L A N Y O U R V I S I T T O D AY. Learn more at LawEnforcementMuseum.org DON'T JUST SEE IT. EXPERIENCE IT.

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