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28 POLICE DECEMBER 2018 collection process. e software can be used to create manda- tory and audit reports, and securely disseminate information into the right hands. e software makes it easy for users to search within a unified database and allocate relevant incident details for crime reporting, state and federal reporting, and au- diting purposes. e data can also be used to recognize crime trends and to show agencies where to allocate resources with the software's built-in analysis tool. Omnigo says the software can facilitate an agency's transition from using the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program to the new National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). (See article on page 32 of this issue to learn more about NIBRS.) www.omnigo.com POWERDMS H DOCUMENTS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE PowerDMS brought its policy and training records management software products to IACP. e policy management tool makes it easier for agencies to update policies and build accreditation files. e training records management tool eliminates the need for keeping paper training records. www.powerdms.com TYLER TECHNOLOGIES H SHIELDFORCE MOBILE APP Tyler Technologies debuted its new mobile device app New World ShieldForce at IACP. Tyler says the app, which is now available for iOS and will be available for Android next year, improves situ- ational awareness and provides a connection between patrol of- ficers, dispatchers, and command staff by extending computer- aided dispatch (CAD) functionality onto a smartphone, tablet, or watch. Tyler plans to optimize ShieldForce for Samsung DeX, as well as the Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch smart- watches. www.tylertech.com IACP 2018 A xon continued its streak of having the flashiest booth and biggest an- nouncements at this year's International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference. The Axon booth was themed around the company's vision of how law enforce- ment operation will be conducted in the next decade. Visitors to the booth could watch a virtual reality presentation on how Axon's technology could build the fu- ture of American law enforcement. They also were able to see the company's new- est body camera, watch a demonstration of its automated records management software, and go hands on with the sev- enth generation of the TASER conducted energy weapon. The Axon Body 3 is designed to stream live video on high-speed wireless net- works to provide officers and command- ers with real-time situational awareness. Axon's vision is that agencies will be able to take advantage of first responder net- works such as AT&T/FirstNet and Verizon's CORE. Axon has already established rela- tionships with both providers. Other features of the next generation of the Axon Body tie into the company's new Axon Records RMS software. Axon CEO Rick Smith has been promot- ing the convergence between evidence capture video and records management software for several years. And his com- pany has been acquiring artificial intel- ligence capabilities to make that concept a reality. The new Axon Records software is the company's first step toward creating a sys- tem that can automate police reports. Axon AXON'S NEW TASER, NEW BODY CAM, AND RECORDS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE says the software can automatically tran- scribe reports based on data captured by the new Body 3 camera system. The idea behind automating reports is to free up of- ficers from spending so much time on re- ports and let them spend more time on pa- trol and other law enforcement operations. Axon says it built its RMS system from the ground up working directly alongside agencies for guidance and feedback on how to make it the most efficient system possible for law enforcement. Axon says it will begin testing the cam- era with select partner agencies in early 2019. It is expected to ship to U.S. cus- tomers in the summer of 2019 and will be available to international markets in the second half of 2019. Pricing for the Axon Body 3 starts at $699. To learn more about Axon Body 3, visit www.axon.com/Axon- Body-3. Axon Records will be offered free for five years to agencies purchasing TASER 7 and Axon Body 3 on the Officer Safety Plan until the end of 2019. For more in- formation, visit www.axon.com/Axon- Records. Axon says the new TASER 7 is more effective than the company's current X2 and features adaptive cross connect and improved spiral probe design. In addition, the new CEW is fully integrated with Evi- dence.com, providing a truly connected system. These capabilities include wire- less device management, self-reporting, and general visibility into the health of the weapon, or a full fleet of weapons. The TASER 7 also provides enhanced reliabili- ty by offering optimized close-quarter and stand-off cartridges. Other features of the TASER 7 include: • New Rapid Arc technology that is de- signed to help officers de-escalate dan- gerous situations. • Spiral darts that fly straighter and faster with nearly double the kinetic energy to compress loose and hanging clothing. • A green laser that offers improved day- light visibility. In addition to the new TASER, Axon has revised its TASER training program. The new Axon Academy is a network of online and in-person training for law enforce- ment with an emphasis on reality-based training. The TASER 7 is available for purchase today in the U.S., Australia, and New Zea- land and is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2018. The new certification training is available now to all customers in the U.S. and will roll out to international markets in 2019. To learn more, visit www. axon.com/TASER-7. AXON had the largest booth at IACP 2018, and its virtual reality presentation attracted crowds. ➔

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