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PoliceMag.com 53 in LE functional fitness. Jeff Pearson Via PoliceMag.com ROOKIE OFFICER PULLS OVER MAYOR ON FIRST DAY OF DUTY I will give Mayor Brenda Bethune of Myr- tle Beach, SC, credit for going out of her way to praise one of her officers, Amanda Johnston, on a public forum instead of finding a way to criticize her or the de- partment for simply doing their jobs by pulling her over for a legitimate reason. Milt Via PoliceMag.com RESPONDING TO DOMESTIC DISTURBANCES After reading Michael Schlosser's October Winning Edge article "Responding to Do- mestic Disturbances," I'd like to offer my perspective. You never ever know what the sup- posed victim in a domestic abuse situ- ation is going to do once it is announced that an arrest is going to be made. Hell, everybody probably will turn against you and the more officers the better. Who gives a damn what the media says? It's not their butts on the line! Jon Retired LEO Via PoliceMag.com TRAVTAC ONYX TACTICAL SLING BAG I recently purchased the TravTac Onyx Tactical Sling Bag reviewed in the October issue of POLICE Magazine. I haven't found all the possibilities yet, but it definitely has lots of good space. Dick Jenkinson Via PoliceMag.com THE PATROL ATHLETE While I agree with most of the information in the article "e Patrol Athlete" by P. Whitney Richtmyer and Will Brink, the lack of emphasis on aerobic/endurance training gives me pause. e metabolic demands of the tactical athlete include moderate to very high in- tensity tasks potentially over long periods of time. e ability to perform at these levels, and to recover from these tasks, re- quires aerobic/endurance training. I am not advocating for long bouts of aerobic endurance training, but an em- phasis should be placed on training both the anaerobic and aerobic energy sys- tems. is will provide tactical athletes the overall fitness capacity to meet the de- mands of the job. Not to mention reduce cardiovascular disease and hyperten- sion. is year alone, heart attack is the third leading cause of duty deaths. I am by no means an expert, but aero- bic/endurance fitness does have a place Feedback T H E N E W N AT I O N A L L AW E N F O R C E M E N T M U S E U M T E L L I N G T H E H I S T O RY O F L AW E N F O R C E M E N T L I K E N E V E R B E F O R E Plan your visit and schedule your Group Tour today: GroupTours@LawEnforcementMuseum.org or email ABrewer@nleomf.org Learn more at LawEnforcementMuseum.org REAL OFFICERS REAL STORIES REALLY COOL EXHIBITS. TO OUR READERS SEND POLICE YOUR COMMENTS: We want to hear your comments about POLICE and what's going on in law enforcement. Send your letters in any of the following ways. E-mail: Melanie.Basich@PoliceMag.com Fax: 310-533-2507 Mail: POLICE Magazine Attn: Letters to the Editor 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, CA 90503 Online: PoliceMag.com

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