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PoliceMag.com 47 simplifying t h e d u t y h o l s t e r made in the u.s.a. X - C A L I B U R TM The X-Calibur works with your body's natural mechanics, incorporating the Science of Human Factors to produce a secure, fast, and intuitive duty holster. p o i n t b l a n k e n t e r p r i s e s . c o m 2. Easy to retain 3. Easy to recall under stress 4. Effective Some systems for active threat re- sponse do not meet all four of these crite- ria, and this can be a serious problem for many patrol officers who have not had the proper amount of stress-related training when it comes to active threat response. Keep your tactics simple but effec- tive when it comes to your patrol officers. Make sure they understand the need to stop this incident as soon as possible. e faster they respond, enter, and stop the threat or threats, the more lives they have the potential of saving. Solid tactics instill confidence in your people. If they don't believe in what you are teaching them, they may not perform them the way you would like them to when you are conducting training or when they have to try to apply them in a real event. Make sure you seek out the best tac- tics and training for what your agency requires. e NTOA has been at the fore- front from the beginning, and in my opin- ion the NTOA Advanced Active Shooter Response Instructor course is by far one of the best in the country. e NTOA con- tinues to update and evolve its training based on actual active threat incidents and consults with the nation's experts on these topics. at all culminates into a premier training program that is afford- able and obtainable for most, if not all, agencies. Continually evaluate your active threat response training programs. Tactics evolve and your training programs should be updated when they do. What worked 10 years or 20 years ago may not be the best tactics for your agency today. Remember that regular training with your officers is the surest way to instill in them the need to handle these incidents in the most efficient and effective man- ner. ey must become proficient and comfortable with the idea of entering a building while possibly only armed with a handgun and confronting an individual armed with a rifle platform. ey need to understand they can do this and prevail if they use the right tactics and have the right training. If your agency doesn't have an active threat response training program for patrol officers, I highly recommend you seek out the training and implement it. Also, reexamine your agency's policy on response to active threat. Has it been up- dated to incorporate the latest tactics for active threat response or is it something that was written decades ago and hasn't been looked at since? e front line officer needs to under- stand how crucially important it is for them to intervene and end the threat. ey also need to be trained so that they know how to do this in a smart and safe manner. e training you prepare them with will assist them in prevailing against an active shooter. Christophor Periatt is a 24-year veteran of law enforcement who teaches for the Na- tional Tactical Officers Association and the Macomb Community College Advanced Police Training Center and Police Acade- my. He is co-owner of Forever Vigilant LLC (www.4evervigilant.com) training compa- ny and can be contacted at copsniper69@ msn.com. A single officer arriving at the scene of an active shooter incident can go in and end the threat. PHOTO: GRAND TRAVERSE CO. SHERIFF OFFICE/ARMOR EXPRESS

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