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46 POLICE NOVEMBER 2018 limited penetration style that is taught by the Israelis. I have had the honor of knowing and training with Nir Maman (www.CT707.com) as well as Aaron Cohen (www.cherriescounterterror.com), and I can recommend these gentlemen for your training. What I like about the limited penetra- tion technique is that all the fighting is done from the threshold and allows you to properly process what's in the room prior to entering it. is is a huge advantage for patrol officers that would not otherwise get the amount of training they need to become proficient in building entry and clearing. If you and other officers become in- volved in a use-of-force incident within the room, make sure you finish what you started by handcuffing the suspect, clear- ing the room, providing medical attention to the wounded, including the suspect, and extracting those that can move to a safer location. I teach my students to perform chamber checks after they discharge their weapons. It allows them to confirm the weapon is ready to go if needed. Some may disagree with this, but it's something I have picked up from my Israeli trainers and I am whole- heartedly sold on it. If continued building clearing is need- ed, make sure someone stays with the suspect. You must also maintain scene in- tegrity and evidence for the investigation and prosecution. Medical training, including advanced trauma care or tactical emergency casu- alty care (TECC), must also become a part of your active threat response program. Officers should be carrying tourniquets on their bodies and have fully stocked trauma kits readily available to them in their patrol vehicles. e national Stop the Bleed (https://stopthebleedingcoalition. org) program has some incredible statis- tics on trauma and how many people ac- tually die from blood loss who could have otherwise been saved if a properly trained person had been at the scene. Officers must have the proper equipment to assist them in responding to these tragic events. Tourniquets are inexpensive and every of- ficer should have one, again on their body, not in their kit in the patrol vehicle. SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE Part of this article has been for patrol offi- cers, part of it for administrators, and part of it for trainers. is part is specifically addressing trainers. e way I teach officers to respond to active threat is not the only way to re- spond to active threats, but it is a way. It allows your people to enter and clear the structure more safely and more effectively than other methods. And it offers the ben- efits of what I call the "4 E's." All of your tactics should be: 1. Easy to learn The Winning Edge With the limited penetration technique, all the fighting is done from the threshold. This allows you to properly process what's in the room prior to entering it. PHOTOS: FRANKLIN RAU

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