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PoliceMag.com 41 K2's retired law enforcement and military experts study the backgrounds and ex- perience of the handlers before assign- ing them dogs for the training. "at dog will be with the handler more than the handler is with his or her spouse, so it's important that they are a fit. We need to know if the handler is laid back or the kind of officer who runs three miles every day before breakfast," Smith says. Handler experience is critical in that equation, even for the Labs used as Per- son-Borne Explosive Detection Dogs. Smith says it's a myth that all Labs are calm dogs and not hyper like some of their pointy-eared cousins can be. "I have seen some that are so energetic that they are Mals in Labrador bodies. ey're like golf balls teed off in a tile bathroom, just go, go, go. You can't give a dog like that to a green handler unless they have a strong background working with dogs outside of their law enforcement assignments." Not only are the dogs and handlers paired during the eight-week final train- ing program, it's during this period that the dog's skills are honed. Smith says it's important for the handler to finalize the dog's training. It builds a strong bond between the dog and the handler, he ex- plains. "e dog needs to trust the handler for this to work. It's truly a team effort. e handler has to lead the dog to the right lo- cation for it to find the explosive." One of the things handlers learn in this final training is how to read what the dog is thinking. "e handler needs to learn to recognize a change of behavior (COB). A COB is the dog indicating that it is on something that it is trained to detect. e behavior change could be something as minute as an increased wag of the tail or you may notice the dog inhaling differ- ently. You can actually hear their nostrils going thump, thump, thump. at's their way of closing off their nostrils to keep from dispersing the air in front of them." Smith says that even experienced han- dlers are stunned by the detection skills of Person-Borne Explosive Detection Dogs. Often they tell the K2 trainer, "I didn't know a dog could do that," he says. "e capabilities of these dogs far outweighs what we can even determine that they can detect. We don't have any instruments that can detect what a dog can detect. Yet we can prove that this works." - Underwater Positioning and Sonar Imaging - Sight in Zero Visibility - Sonar Coverage Mapping - HD Video and Images for Documentation. - Communication and - Communication and Diver Tracking Available. Other Products Include: Video Systems, Side Scan Sonar, Diver Delivery Systems, Remotely Operated Vehicles, and More. Underwater Search and Recovery Systems Since 1984 www.sharkmarine.com sales@sharkmarine.com Ph: (905) 687 6672 DIVE TABLET 2 WWW.TSSI-OPS.COM SALES@TSSI-OPS.COM (540) 434-8974 PROVIDING SOLUTIONS FOR 38 YEARS EQUIPMENT PROVIDER CUSTOM KITTING & PACKING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICE AFTER THE SALE LOGISTICS SUPPORT MULTIPLE CONTRACT VEHICLES

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