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helped close murder cases. A prime example of police worn body cameras capturing evidence of crimes in progress as well as footage of the suspect occurred in New Orleans in April 2018. On a Sunday a•ernoon a 25-year-old man named Charles Williams allegedly went on a crime spree throughout the city that le• one person dead and others injured. -e alleged spree involved multiple shoot- ings, a carjacking, a drive-by attack on responding oƒcers, and a high-speed vehicle pursuit. Williams was arrested a•er his vehicle crashed. Williams has pleaded not guilty, but his attorneys face a mountain of evidence. It's been reported that 60 di‡erent oƒcers wear- ing body cameras recorded 700 separate videos of the incident. -e New Orleans crime spree is an example of how body cameras can cap- ture vast amounts of evidence during a critical incident. -ey can also be used to document the evidence of a much more common law enforcement call, domestic violence. Axon has documented how the Queensland (Australia) Police Service is using its Axon systems to gain more ar- rests and more convictions in domestic violence cases. Domestic violence is a huge problem down under, with 25% of women saying they have been victims of physical or sexual violence in their relationships and only 10% of those 'l- ing reports. Queensland oƒcers used to be required to write a written report documenting their 'ndings. Now they 'le body camera videos that show the injuries to the victim, the behavior of the suspect, and other visual evidence of the crime. -e result has been a 22% increase in reported cases and a signif- icant increase in convictions and guilty pleas. American oƒcers are also using body cameras to record evidence at do- mestic violence scenes. CRIME SCENE IMAGING As the quality and capabilities of body cameras improve and new features are added to the equipment, it is expected that they will be used to produce de- tailed footage of crime scenes. Already, body camera maker Utility has created a crime scene scanning app for its smartphone-based BodyWorn system. -e Smart Scene 360 crime scene documentation tool debuted at the International Association of Chiefs of Police trade show in 2016. It lets of- 'cers capture a 3D panoramic digi- tal model of a crime scene that can be viewed on virtual reality goggles and through other devices, including the BodyWorn system. Even without such apps as Smart Scene 360, body cameras are capturing critical details about crime scenes. And their ability to do so is expected to only improve with time, as body camera de- vices add processing power, arti'cial intelligence so•ware, and better imag- ing technology. Q I N V E S T IG AT I V E T E C H NO L O G I E S | SP E C I A L R E P O RT | 7 Truth is Absolute. Used by law enforcement agencies, state agencies, corrections, arson units,worldwide government & military clients for 15 years. DIGITAL VOICE STRESS ANALYSIS© (DVSA) Truth Veri cation Software C R I M I N A L J U S T I C E G R A N T S AVA I L A B L E • Chart analysis and stress pattern quantification validated by USAF Research Laboratory. • P.O.S.T. accepted training in numerous states. • Far superior to antiquated polygraph & other VSA systems. • US Government Restricted "Crime Control Technology." www.BakerDVSA.com | Telephone (888) 666-0320.

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