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I N V E S T IG AT I V E T E C H NO L O G I E S | SP E C I A L R E P O RT | 3 How many of your ofcers are wearing expired body armor? Keep track of your issued gear down to the bootlace. With APB360 you will know within seconds where your equipment and supplies are allocated, see your inventory levels, track expiration dates, and more. How fast can you retrieve ofcer training records? Streamline your record keeping while eliminating spreadsheets and time consuming •ling. With APB360 you will reduce liability and be able to track all operational aspects of your department. Can you identify how many radios are issued and to who? Gear is expensive. It costs even more when it goes missing. Intuitively track everything from patrol cars to pepper spray. If you were using APB360 you would know the answers within seconds. It's simple, fast, and robust. Feel the relief of APB360. CAN YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS FOR YOUR DEPARTMENT? APB360.com // 602-497-4606 Asset Tracking | Inventory Management & Audits | Expiration Warning Systems | Training & Education Records Budget Management | Chain of Custody | Performance Analytics See the results now at APB360.com/LE CONTENTS POLICE MAGAZINE SPECIAL REPORT: INVESTIGATIVE TECHNOLOGIES 4 Capturing Crime Scene Images Advanced technology allows law enforcement agencies to document crime scenes using the level of accuracy needed for the situation, with much less time and cost than in the past. Melanie Basich 6 The Investigative Role of Body Cameras BWCs are more than just video recorders; they are evidence capture systems. David Griffith 8 Fighting Crime with Predictive Policing Using sophisticated software, law enforcement agencies can now leverage the power of "big data" to glean a much deeper understanding of the predictors of criminal activity. Doug Wyllie 10 Developing Leads with Investigative Imaging Tools Technologies like LPR and facial recognition are helping detectives identify persons of interest, but making an arrest still requires follow- through. David Griffith 12 The Challenge of Smartphones Gaining access to the encrypted data on smartphones owned by suspects and victims is one of the greatest frustrations facing cyber forensic experts. David Griffith 14 Speeding Up DNA Analysis New technology can help labs clear backlogs, apply the tool more often to property crime investigations, and bring sample analysis WRWKHÀHOG Annette Summers 16 How to Preserve a Crime Scene Don't neglect your duty to keep evidence uncontaminated when you arrive on a call. Amaury Murgado 18 Directory & Product Showcase Cover Photo: Panasonic Corporation • info.panasonic.com/arbitrator ..... 2 APB360, Divison of Guntrac • apb360.com ........................... 3 Baker Group International • bakerdvsa.com ........................ 7 Laser Technology Inc. • go2.lasertech.com/pmi .................. 20 Page Ad Index

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