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46 POLICE OCTOBER 2018 still free to do), Brazos County SO chose to build an agencywide FirstNet solution. Each of its patrol vehicles now has LTE modems that provide a mobile broadband network for a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, in-car video systems, and ticket writers. "Each one of our patrol vehicles is now an LTE hub," says Hearen. He explains that this gives patrol depu- ties and investigators the ability to have their own dedicated Wi-Fi network at any scene. ƒey can even stream video from car to car or from their patrol vehicles to a command center and deputies on the scene can access the live feed from any of the county's surveillance cameras. 8. PRIORITY AND PREEMPTION Perhaps the most important thing to know about FirstNet is what makes it dif- ferent from any other cellular provider. ƒe answer is priority and preemption. AT&T's agreement with FirstNet allows the company to use the spectrum for traf- ‡c from its commercial customers but ‡rst responders have priority. A special SIM card in the FirstNet subscriber's phone or other cellular device tells the network that it has priority. At high traŠc incidents or events, this priority can even result in pre- emption, meaning the non-FirstNet user loses access to the network if the band- width is needed for FirstNet customers. 9. CAPABILITIES Because FirstNet o‹ers dedicated band- width to ‡rst responders, it can handle heav y data throughput that would choke commercial networks. For example, First- Net users can live stream video from one oŠcer's device to another without fear of bu‹ering or signal failure. ƒis means oŠcers can share real-time intel with su- pervisors. Perhaps more importantly su- pervisors, dispatchers, and other sources can send information such as building Žoorplans and other critical data to oŠ- cers in the ‡eld. An oŠcer from one area of an incident can even stream video of that scene to an oŠcer at another area STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION (Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685) PUBLICATION TITLE PUBLICATION NO. FILING DATE Police Magazine 0893-8989 10/01/2018 NO. 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I CERTIFY THAT ALL INFORMATION FURNISHED ON THIS FORM IS TRUE AND COMPLETE. I UNDERSTAND THAT ANYONE WHO FURNISHES FALSE OR MISLEADING INFORMATION ON THIS FORM OR WHO OMITS MATERIAL OR INFORMATION REQUESTED ON THE FORM MAY BE SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL SANCTIONS (INCLUDING FINES AND IMPRISONMENT) AND/OR CIVIL SANCTIONS (INCLUDING MULTIPLE DAMAGES AND CIVIL PENALTIES). x __________________________________________ Publisher Filed on 10/01/2018 SANCTIONS (INCLUDING FINES AND IMPRISONMENT) x _______________________________________ of an incident. ƒis enhances situational awareness and oŠcer safety. 10. THE FUTURE FirstNet is just now launching, so we re- ally don't know all that it's capable of yet. But we do know it has the potential to change the way many law enforcement operations are conducted. Truthfully, the hardware—the phones, tablets, and cameras—has yet to catch up to FirstNet's potential. ƒe ‡rst thing that is sure to come from this is more streaming video capability from body-worn cameras. And somewhere down the line could dedicat- ed ‡rst responder networks and cellular devices supplant the standard police land mobile radio? ƒat's a question that re- mains to be answered. What we do know is that a dedicated ‡rst responder com- munications network such as FirstNet has great potential to improve public and of- ‡cer safety. To learn more about FirstNet, go to https://‡rstnet.gov. Police Tech ¶ _ _HYHQWV#LSPEDRUJ_ZZZLSPEDRUJ

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