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PoliceMag.com 93 means your head will be covered—your ears may be plugged—and your hands will be bound. During transportation to the transfer point or final delivery, your captors will probably remain silent. You've been captured; now you need to take steps to survive. is is when you need to listen to your gut instinct. If you can fight, kill, or mark your cap- tors, do it. If you do not have the oppor- tunity to do this, then cooperate for now, until it is time to take action. While you cooperate and feign submis- sion, listen to the bad guys talk and try to learn about them. How many different voices do you hear? Try to identify who is doing the most talking in the group. Do they have accents, dialects, speech im- pediments? Do they slur or stutter? Do they repeat words and phrases? Can you determine their sex by tone of voice? Are they using any names? You can also learn a lot about your cap- tors by the sounds they make moving around. Do you hear footsteps? Do they have injuries or physical impairments that make them limp, shuffle, and/or drag their feet? Can you tell whether they are wearing soft or hard shoes? Do they follow the same patterns of movement? Another way you can learn about your captors is when they touch you or get close to you. When you are grabbed and moved, do they have missing limbs or fingers? Are you grabbed soft or hard? Is the person strong? Can you determine the person's dominant hand? Do you feel jewelry? Do you smell body odor, bad breath, cologne? Do they breathe in a noticeable way? Even with your vision blocked by a bag or blindfold, you can tell a lot about your sur- roundings. How many people are around PROPER TRAINING PREVENTS TRAGEDY Move beyond simplistic scenarios with integrated tools, resources, curriculum and applications for the ultimate training solution. NEW PROGRAMS LAUNCH AT IACP 2018! Learn more: virtra.com/iacp2018 IACP Booth #1038 IACP Booth #1038 Crossing your wrists when an abductor binds them with tape will provide you with more leverage. - Underwater Positioning and Sonar Imaging - Sight in Zero Visibility - Sonar Coverage Mapping - HD Video and Images for Documentation. - Communication and - Communication and Diver Tracking Available. Other Products Include: Video Systems, Side Scan Sonar, Diver Delivery Systems, Remotely Operated Vehicles, and More. Underwater Search and Recovery Systems Since 1984 www.sharkmarine.com sales@sharkmarine.com Ph: (905) 687 6672 DIVE TABLET 2

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